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XML Tutorials - XML Path Language (XPath) Introduction
This tutorial helps you to learn: What is XML Path Language (XPath); Data Types, Literals and Variables; Evaluation Context Build-in Functions; Expressions and Location Paths; Using XPath in XSL Templates.

Type: XPath  #Views: 278  Category: Tutorial    

XPath support in Oxygen XML Editor
Editing complex XPath expressions in the XPath toolbar can be sometimes difficult due to the size limitation. This view allows editing of multi-line expressions. The executed expressions are stored in a history list and they can be reused as necessary. The results of an XPath query are shown as a list in the results panel. You can save the results to a file by clicking the Save Results option from the right-click menu or even print the XPath results. Clicking on a result line will highlight the corresponding part from the document.

Type: XPath  #Views: 263  Category: Resource    

XPath Tutorial
The XPath processor allows you to retrieve a subset of an XML document. A query, which is always an XPath expression, returns a well-formed XML node-list or an XPath value object. In XPath 2.0, an expression returns a sequence of XML nodes and/or XPath value objects. This XPath tutorial covers the following topics:

About the XPath Processor, Sample Data for Examples and Testing, Getting Started with XPath Queries, Specifying the Nodes to Evaluate, Handling Strings and Text in XPath, Specifying Boolean Expressions and Functions, Specifying Number Operations and Functions, Comparing Values, Generating XPath, Finding a Particular Node, Obtaining a Union, Obtaining Information About a Node or a Node Set, Using XPath Expressions in Stylesheets, Accessing Other Documents During Query Execution, XPath Quick Reference.

Type: XPath  #Views: 1007  Category: Tutorial    

drx: XPath
Introductory tutorial and a growing list of resources. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date.

Type: XPath  #Views: 492  Category: Resource    

XPath 1.0/2.0 Visualizer and Tester
Stylus Studio's XPath Expression Evaluator alows you to visually analyze, test, and debug XPath expressions against any XML instance document or data source. The XPath visualizer and tester works for both XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 standards.

Type: XPath  #Views: 743  Category: Tool    

XPath 1.0/2.0 Editor
Stylus Studio's XPath editor supports XPath code-sensing, and context sensitive, XPath aware auto-completion, XPath syntax coloring and syntax checking for any XPath 1.0/2.0 expression or function.

Type: XPath  #Views: 481  Category: Tool    

Generate XPath Expressions
Stylus Studio's XPath generator to help automate generating XPath expressions. To generate an XPath expression, open an XML document in Tree View. Tree View allows you to quickly expand and collapse the nodes of an XML document. When you've found the XML element or attribute for which you want to construct an XPath expression, just right-click and choose Copy XPath Query to Clipboard from the shortcut menu - you can then paste the XPath expression generated by Stylus Studio into any of Stylus Studio's XML editors.

Type: XPath  #Views: 812  Category: Tool    

Building XPath Expressions
This XPath tutorial covers: How an XPath processor works, sample data for XPath Examples and Testing, Getting Started with XPath queries, Specifying the XML Nodes to Evaluate, XPath strings and text processing, XPath Expressions and functions, XPath Number Operations and Functions, comparing values in XPath, finding a particular node Obtaining a union, obtaining information About a Node or a node set Using XPath expressions in XSLT stylesheets, accessing other documents During Query execution, and an XPath reference guide.

Type: XPath  #Views: 877  Category: Tutorial    

XPath 2.0 Reference
Download chapter 1 of the "XPath 2.0 Programmers Reference", which covers the following topics: Top-level XPath constructs and the lexical rules for using whitespace and comments, Basic XPath operators for writing arithmetic and Boolean expressions, Three operators for combining the results of path expressions: union, intersect, and except, How XPath 2.0 supports sequences, Where to access a complete listing of all functions in the core function library, How to define the syntax of XPath regular expressions as used in the new functions matches(), replace(), and tokenize(), and much more. Free printable PDF download.

Type: XPath  #Views: 526  Category: Resource    

XPath Querying Over DataSets with the DataSetNavigator
Arpan Desai discusses the DataSetNavigator, which provides the power and flexibility of the XML programming model without the overhead of having to convert the entire DataSet into an XmlDataDocument object.

Type: XPath  #Views: 792  Category: Article    

.NET and XML: Part 1—XPath Queries
The W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium, published the XML 1.0 specification on February 10th, 1998. The XML 1.1 specification was published six years later, on February 4th, 2004. In these six years, XML has taken the industry by storm. XML has become the standard for how to describe and exchange data.

Type: XPath  #Views: 1078  Category: Article    

Java's XPath APIs needs grouting
I have been snuffling around various Java APIs relating to XPath this week in order to implement draft ISO Schematron in Java. But the current batch of Java APIs seem to be missing the functions I need: this must be holding back other developers too.

Type: XPath  #Views: 716  Category: Resource    

XPath-Based Filtering With Pull-Based XML Parsing
Some very interesting work has been going on with the classes in the System.Xml namespace. Daniel Cazzulino blogs about an XseReader implementation he has been working on for providing XML Streaming Events. I had been using a similar implementation for trying to write a .NET version of an RssValidatingReader awhile back, but gave up due to the complexity of managing an ambiguous stack for co-occurrence validation.

Type: XPath  #Views: 652  Category: Resource    

Location Steps and Paths in XPath
The idea behind XPath location paths is very much the same as directory paths, except that the XPath syntax can get much more complex and detailed. Steve Holzner explains.

Type: XPath  #Views: 761  Category: Article    

Get started with XPath
This tutorial introduces XPath and covers most aspects of it. It is aimed at people who do not know XPath or want a refresher. If you plan to use XSLT, you should take this tutorial first. You will learn: What XPath is, the syntax and semantics of the XPath language, how to use XPath location paths, how to use XPath expressions, how to use XPath functions, and how XPath relates to XSLT. XPath is a W3C standard. This tutorial covers version 1.0.

Type: XPath  #Views: 818  Category: Article    

XPathNodeIterator in Transformations
The XPathNodeIterator provides methods to iterate over a set of nodes created as the result of an XPath query, or a result tree fragment converted to a node set by use of the node-set method. The XPathNodeIterator enables you to iterate over the nodes within that node set. Once a node set is retrieved, the XPathNodeIterator class provides a read-only, forward-only cursor to the selected set of nodes.

Type: XPath  #Views: 745  Category: Resource    

XPathNavigator in Transformations
The XPathNavigator class provides read-only random access to data, and is designed for use as an input to XSLT. It is implemented on the XPathDocument, XmlDataDocument, and XmlDocument. The XPathNavigator is based upon the W3C Data Model as described in section 5 of the XML Path Language (XPath) recommendation.

Type: XPath  #Views: 651  Category: Resource    

Performant XML (II): XPath execution tips
As I programmed an XPath-only implementation of the Schematron specification (soon an ISO standard and very cool XML validation language, incredibly flexible and powerfull), called (surprisingly) Schematron.NET, and part of the NMatrix project, I found many interesting things about the internals of XPath execution. And I needed to dig deep inside it because my implementation had to be more performant than the reference implementation based on XSLT. And it ended being an average 50% faster than the fastest-XSLT-engine-executed version. During that trip, I found the following useful tips:

Type: XPath  #Views: 653  Category: Resource    

Performant XML (I): Dynamic XPath expressions compilation
"Everybody" knows that precompiling your XPath expressions ahead of time, usually in static .ctors, improves execution performance. But what's actually happening at that "compilation" time? Unlike what many believe, compiled IL is NOT being generated, neither on-the-fly assemblies or anything like it. It's NOT like RegEx compilation, sadly. But what's going on is important for performance because it involves parsing, AST (abstract syntax tree) building, etc.

Type: XPath  #Views: 652  Category: Resource    

Get started with XPath
This tutorial introduces XPath and covers most aspects of it. It is aimed at people who do not know XPath or want a refresher. If you plan to use XSLT, you should take this tutorial first. You will learn: What XPath is, the syntax and semantics of the XPath language, how to use XPath location paths, how to use XPath expressions, how to use XPath functions, and how XPath relates to XSLT. XPath is a W3C standard. This tutorial covers version 1.0.

Type: XPath  #Views: 640  Category: Article    

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