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XQL Tutorial
This tutorial discusses the simplest XQL queries, which are also likely to be the most common. In this tutorial, we will present a quick overview of XQL without taking the time to be precise.

Type: XQL  #Views: 766  Category: Tutorial    

XQL FAQ (XML Query Language - Frequently Asked Questions)

Type: XQL  #Views: 621  Category: FAQ    

Sites-Fatdog XML Query Bean (XQL)
Need an XML Query Engine Java Bean? Howard Katz has developed one that is free for personal use. It supports XQL syntax for querying.

Type: XQL  #Views: 576  Category: Website    

XCool - Development branch
XCool is an XQL (XML Query Language) implementation in Java. It consists of an engine which executes queries upon an XML file and can be accessed both programatically and in command line mode. It's not yet fully XQL compliant (doesn't support XML namespaces, methods, and queries containing the root operator), but the goal is to implement the complete XQL functionality.

Type: XQL  #Views: 515  Category: Resource    

The W3C XML Query Working Group
The W3C XML Query Working Group is developing a query language for XML documents. This talk will provide an update on the work of the XML Query WG. In particular this talk will cover the proposed syntax for the XQuery language.

Type: XQL  #Views: 505  Category: Resource    

Multimedia Information Services Enabling: An Architectural Approach
This paper presents a scaleable and extendable architecture consisting of the essential building blocks for multimedia information services. It provides building blocks for multimedia transport, storage, retrieval, filtering, and presentation, together with their interdependencies. After presenting the overall architecture, we focus in more detail on the 3-level modeling and querying of multimedia data.

Type: XQL  #Views: 520  Category: Article    

More Sybase ASE and XQL
In this article, I’ll prepare and configure Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) for XQL. I’ll cover installing XML and XQL in Sybase ASE, including performance considerations, and discuss basic capabilities available on both the client and server.

Type: XQL  #Views: 661  Category: Article    

What's New in Adaptive Server Enterprise?
This chapter describes the new features and system changes introduced with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise version

Type: XQL  #Views: 724  Category: Resource    

The Java-Based XQL Processor
This chapter describes how you use XQL to select raw data from Adaptive Server, using the XQL language, and display the results as an XML document.

Type: XQL  #Views: 644  Category: Resource    

Take advantage of XQL in Sybase ASE
Learn the basics of XQL so you can begin to understand the flexibility afforded in designing client/server, n-tier, and Web applications in Java using Sybase ASE as the database repository.

Type: XQL  #Views: 610  Category: Article    

Using XML Queries and Transformations
Now we have an easy and platform-independent method of describing XML data, validating its type as we wish and modifying and reading it programmatically. So we basically have a transportable miniature database. No surprise then that when you start to work with it, you'll feel the need for a query mechanism. Using the DOM, you can get to each and every node in your document, but it can get tiresome, maneuvering through the hierarchies of children to find that single node you are interested in.

Type: XQL  #Views: 489  Category: Resource    

XML XQLEngine portlet example
Some services provide content in an XML format. Portal Interface provides a special type of portlet for interpreting and displaying XML. The XML portlet uses XQLEngine from Adaptive Server(TM) version 12.5 to query XML using JTF tags. This allows developers to create a JTF content template that uses any XML source, and display its properties via HTML without writing code.

Type: XQL  #Views: 928  Category: Example    

An Engine for Querying XML
The ability to search XML documents received a lot of attention in late 2000. We will most likely continue to see this as a focus in 2001. Several commercial products exist that address indexing and searching of XML documents. In the context of development, there are also many instances where search becomes a necessary function either as a feature of the application or as a productivity/testing tool for the developer. XML searches can be grouped into two categories. The first would be structural searches. Given the inherent hierarchical structure of XML, it is possible to come up with searches like second child node of the element X. DOM can be used for such searches since a DOM tree is an in-memory representation of the XML document. The other type of search would be full-text search where you are just looking for a particular word or combination of words.

Type: XQL  #Views: 654  Category: Article    

Unicode and Text Retrieval
This document describes various aspects of Tamino's text retrieval capabilities and how you can customize the word recognition process. This has implications for query expressions that use full-text capabilities. In XQuery 4 this affects functions from the ft namespace such as ft:text-contains(), in X-Query this affects the contains operator ~=.

Type: XQL  #Views: 604  Category: Resource    

Xtract: a query language for XML documents
Xtract is a query language heavily based on XQL: it tidies up some inconsistencies, and is smaller even though it makes some extensions. The idea of Xtract is that it can be used as a kind of XML-grep at the command-line, but it could also be used within a scripting language (such as the Haskell XML combinator library) as a shorthand for a complicated selection filter.

Type: XQL  #Views: 453  Category: Article    

XML-GL: a Graphical Language for Querying and Restructuring XML Documents
The widespreading of XML as a standard for semi-structured documents on the Web opens up challenging opportunities for Web query languages. In this paper we introduce XML-GL, a graphical query language for XML documents. The use of a visual formalism for representing both the content of XML documents (and of their DTDs) and the syntax and semantics of queries enables an intuitive expression of queries, even when they are rather complex.

Type: XQL  #Views: 469  Category: Article    

Do we really need a new query language for XML?
XML [XML98] has been proposed as a successor of HTML conceived to ease the task of exchanging, manipulating and reusing data on the Internet (and in other frameworks). The main advantage of XML with respect to its predecessor is a clear separation between the ways in which data, structure (DTD) and layout (stylesheet) are encoded. At the same time, XML preserves and enhances the hypertextual linking mechanism [XLink98, XPointer98] that has been so successful for HTML. It is therefore presumable that we will very soon witness the emergence of XML repositories on the Web, i.e., large collections of Internet-available linked XML documents.

Type: XQL  #Views: 448  Category: Article    

A Data Model and Query Language for XML
With XML poised to become the de facto language for representing internet data, accessing and querying this data has become increasingly important. To query XML documents efficiently, we developed the QuiXote query processing system. The first step in designing a query processing system is to define an appropriate data model. QuiXote uses the QNX data model that captures the entire DTD semantics, as well as the structure, content and link information present in an XML document. For querying, QuiXote uses the QNX query language, which is a DTD-based query language for XML.

Type: XQL  #Views: 462  Category: Article    

Non-Position Paper for Quark, Inc.
This paper lacks a specific position with regard to XML QL, but rather contains a set of guidelines by which we will evaluate differing proposals. Instead of presenting implementation specifics for our vision of an XML query language, we prefer instead to list the features upon which we will rely.

Type: XQL  #Views: 476  Category: Resource    

XQL: Coming Soon to a Search Engine Near You
Most people out there, database developers as well as the citizenry at large, have taken for granted the ability to execute queries on data stores for, oh, years. Haven't you? Admit it.

Type: XQL  #Views: 358  Category: Resource    

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