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XUL: The Gatekeeper to Higher-level Web UIs
Why wait for XAML? XUL is available now, tightly integrated with the Mozilla browsers and provides a full framework for building desktop or Web applications.

Type: XUL  #Views: 665  Category: Article    

Introducing XUL - The 'Net's Biggest Secret: Part 3
Over the last two weeks, we've taken a round trip of XUL. We've covered browsing, searching, and navigation. But what about the real-world implications of using UXL? Let's consider these now.

Type: XUL  #Views: 736  Category: Article    

Introducing XUL - The 'Net's Biggest Secret: Part 2
As the last example demonstrated, using XUL, you can give your site's visitors a unique experience by modifying the browser to make navigation faster and easier. And, when you start throwing JavaScript into this mix, all sorts of powerful new opportunities arise. Here's a simple example, which displays a search box that’s always visible. It also demonstrates the potential for building forms with XUL.

Type: XUL  #Views: 664  Category: Article    

Introducing XUL - The 'Net's Biggest Secret: Part 1
Here's a question: what if I was to tell you that you can write your own version of Word using something like HTML and JavaScript? What if I added that you could run on your hard disk or launch it directly from your Web server and use it to update your site's content? It sounds a little far fetched, I know, but it's right here, right now -- and it calls itself "Zool".

Type: XUL  #Views: 646  Category: Article    

XUL Template Example
The following example is a template written in the simple format, it is used to generate content for the ChatZilla user list.

Type: XUL  #Views: 1468  Category: Example    

Writing a Mozilla Application with XUL and Javascript
This section presents an example of a XUL overlay.

Type: XUL  #Views: 1449  Category: Example    

Fooling with XUL
With the interest and excitement surrounding Mozilla's approaching beta release, I decided it was time to put it through its paces. For a while now we have heard and seen presentations of XUL, the Extensible User Interface Language, which forms an integral part of Mozilla. Delegates at XTech 2000 were clearly excited by the project and its promise for delivering a richer user interface on the Web.

Type: XUL  #Views: 556  Category: Article    

XUL Template Primer - Multiple Rules
This tutorial builds on the earlier XUL Template Primer introducing extended XUL template syntax, illustrating the addition of multiple elements. Mozilla then selects from only the data meeting the criteria of the rules to build content.

Type: XUL  #Views: 573  Category: Tutorial    

XUL Bookshelf Launches
The XUL Alliance site now sports a bookshelf to gather the latest and greatest XUL books in one place. The collection so far includes: Essential XUL Programming, Creating Applications with Mozilla (Using XUL, JavaScript and CSS) and Rapid Application Development with Mozilla.

Type: XUL  #Views: 651  Category: Resource    

An Introductory Tour of Mozilla's XUL
XUL is an XML-based technology for expressing the GUI part of a software application. It has been used to express GUIs for applications as diverse as web browsers, email clients, calendars, calculators, spreadsheet editors, HTML editors, debuggers, and whole desktop environments.

Type: XUL  #Views: 480  Category: Article    

XulManager API Quick Reference
This page presents a quick reference to the XulManager API. The XulManager class provides centralized access to your menus, toolbars, portals, templates, icons, and more stored in your app's chrome.

Type: XUL  #Views: 669  Category: Resource    

Easing browser interface development
Browser engineers are cooking up a new way to create user interfaces that could have broad ramifications for application programming.

Type: XUL  #Views: 469  Category: Article    

Luxor XUL Now Sports External CSS Stylesheets
Luxor Kernel Hacker Extraordinaire Anakrewn Meidis jazzed up Luxor's CSS support. You no longer need to squeeze all CSS style properties into an XML style attribute, but now you can also use inline styles using the tag or use external stylesheets.

Type: XUL  #Views: 487  Category: Resource    

Hacking XUL and WXS-based Transformations
I am designing a new Mozilla browser for a university project, with the intention of making it more accessible for older people to browse the web. Could you give me a hand in the design of Mozilla skins?

Type: XUL  #Views: 435  Category: Article    

XUL (Extensible User-interface Language) is a standard way to exchange data that describes a program's user interface, or at least the portion of it that can be controlled by programming. Historically, user interfaces have been difficult to customize so they would work across various operating platforms such as Windows and Macintosh. Netscape and Mozilla, an open group that develops Netscape, have jointly developed XUL to solve this problem. (XUL developers say that XUL is pronounced ZOOL, rhyming with "rule.")

Type: XUL  #Views: 487  Category: Resource    

XUL Applications
Here are XUL applications/utilities for Mozilla (and Netscape 7). They are based on the specification of Mozilla Nightly Trunk. Works on Netscape 7.0, Mozilla 1.0, Phoenix 0.5, or later. Please try them and enjoy fully internet browsing!

Type: XUL  #Views: 663  Category: Resource    

In a moment of minor boredom, I thought I’d check out an interview on the American TV channel TechTV, which involves Mozilla. It’s actually quite interesting - it gives you the background to Netscape’s downfall and how it hopes to fight back with Mozilla (and Chimera which is also featured).

Type: XUL  #Views: 431  Category: Resource    

Conjure Up XUL for Browser Flexibility
In Ghostbusters, Zuul is a minion of Gozer, the badass chick who at the end of the movie tried to destroy New York via the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. On the Internet, an XML-based language for describing user interfaces, named XUL and pronounced just like "Zuul," is a minion of developers who desire a portable, robust, cross-platform language.

Type: XUL  #Views: 554  Category: Article    

Mozilla Xul
Xul expresses an application in terms of XML, CSS and javascript. It is actually a little better than traditional development (at least in theory).

Type: XUL  #Views: 503  Category: Tool    

Mozilla XUL Element and Script Reference
A XUL element. The following lists attribute and properties common to all XUL elements.

Type: XUL  #Views: 764  Category: Resource    

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