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LabXML is a XML-toolkit for Labview. The toolkit is based (for now) on the DOM-model (Document Object Model) and uses the Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML 4.0) ActiveX control, which is available at Microsoft under web development-XML-MSXML 4.0 RTM; see allso:

Type: DOM  #Views: 525  Category: Tool    

XStorage FAQ
XStorage is a database, which stores objects as a tree of linked nodes (the same way as XML tree is stored in memory). It provides various API's for accessing and managing stored elements of information.

Type: DOM  #Views: 290  Category: Tool    

XML DOM Validation
To help you validate your xml, we have used Microsoft's XML parser to create an xml validator. Paste your xml in the text area, and validate it by pressing the validate button

Type: DOM  #Views: 391  Category: Tool    

XML::DOM::Twig is an evil hack: it is a helper module that adds XML::Twig methods to XML::DOM.

Type: DOM  #Views: 266  Category: Tool    

XDBM is an XML Database Manager provided as an embedded database for use within other software applications through the use of a DOM-based API. XDBM stores XML content in a pre-parsed format so that a program is not required to read-in the entire file just to access the parts that it needs. Storing linked lists in the file further enables the fast and easy searching of XML-based data structures, allowing them to be loaded into memory on an as-needed basis.

Type: DOM  #Views: 347  Category: Tool    

Using the SAX Interface of LibXML
A comparison of using SAX vs. DOM for reading XML documents, geared towards the user with some understanding of DOM who is curious about SAX

Type: DOM  #Views: 288  Category: Tool    

TclDOM is a language binding for the DOM to the Tcl scripting language

Type: DOM  #Views: 278  Category: Tool    

PullDOM and MiniDOM
PullDOM is simple Application Programming Interface (API) for working with Document Object Model (DOM) objects in a streaming manner. It was designed to avoid the complexity of SAX and the RAM requirements of using the standard DOM with large documents. It is described as having 80% of the speed of Simple API for XML (SAX) and 80% of the convenience of DOM. Python 1.6 or a modern equivalent of PyExpat are required.

Type: DOM  #Views: 290  Category: Tool    

Lucid XML Toolkit
Lucid XML Toolkit (LXT) is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows the user to build Java applications to read, manipulate and send XML. The Toolkit provides a validating Simple Application Programming Interface for XML 1.0 (SAX1) or Simple Application Programming Interface for XML 2.0 (SAX2) parser, and is implemented in modules so developers can construct lean applications using only the modules required to provide the desired functionality.

Type: DOM  #Views: 280  Category: Tool    

LiveDTD is a perl program that parses Document Type Definition (DTD) files and generates a copy with HTML markup inserted. The result is the same text as the original DTD, but with live links that navigate through the DTD. Both elements and parameter entities become links.

Type: DOM  #Views: 346  Category: Tool    

libxml is an XML C library developed for the Gnu's Not Unix Network Object Model Environment (Gnome) project. It has both a Document Object Model (DOM) interface, and a (SAX) -like interface designed to be compatible with Expat. A nearly complete implementation of XPath is included. This update offers bug fixes, cleaned-up entity handling code, better handling of large DTDs, and optimized DocBook validation.

Type: DOM  #Views: 302  Category: Tool    

DOMXIncluder is a Java class that is an XInclude processor based on Document Object Model Level 2 (DOM2). It will resolve documents that use XInclude to build a single document from multiple parts, and works with Java 1.2 or later.

Type: DOM  #Views: 264  Category: Tool    

DOM parser works just like a standard SAX parser, except that it does not actually read XML source code. Instead, it obtains elements, attributes, and so on from an instance of the Document Object Model.

Type: DOM  #Views: 350  Category: Tool    

dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java
dom4j is a Java-based, open source framework for reading, writing, navigating and editing XML. It combines features of the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple Application Programming Interface for XML (SAX), and includes support for XML Path Language (XPath), Java 2 Collections, Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP), Transformation API for XML (TRaX) and Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT).

Type: DOM  #Views: 327  Category: Tool    

Docuverse DOM SDK
Docuverse DOM SDK is a full implementation of the W3C DOM (Document Object Model) API in Java, available for commercial and non-commercial use without licensing fee

Type: DOM  #Views: 248  Category: Tool    

CenterPoint/XML is a class library with Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model Level 1 (DOM) conforming interfaces for reading and writing XML files. It is built upon and requires expat, the XML Parser Toolkit. The distribution is licensed under an open source license, the CenterPoint Public License (CPL).

Type: DOM  #Views: 343  Category: Tool    

ActiveDOM is an Active-X control that enables XML files to be loaded and created based upon the W3C DOM 1.0 specification.

Type: DOM  #Views: 308  Category: Tool    

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