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SqlXml 3.0 Sp2 Released!
This is something that many people have been waiting for. It was posted yesterday in the newsgroups but I missed it since the MS news servers were having problems.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 327  Category: Tool    

SQL Resolver for Flash MX 2004
The deltaPacket property of the fsSQLResolver is bound to the DataSets deltaPacket property. The deltaPacket property of the DataSet holds all the modifications made to the data in the DataSet after you have called DataSet.applyUpdates().

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 395  Category: Tool    

XML Translator Generator (XTransGen)
XML Translator Generator (XTransGen) enables you to convert XML documents and data based on one DTD to another without writing XSL scripts or any program code. It can also be used to filter data from HTML documents into XML documents.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 268  Category: Tool    

NanoNull News
The NanoNull News application demonstrates the power of the document framework model by combining the rich XML editing environment provided by the authentic® 2004 Browser Edition with the elegant XML data processing of XSLT Stylesheets and the XML data storage capabilities of SQLXML 2.0 and SQL Server 2000.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 245  Category: Tool    

New Security Patch for SQLXML Released
Microsoft recently released a SQLXML security patch for an unchecked buffer vulnerability, the most serious of which could run code of attacker's choice. SQLXML version 1 ships as part of SQL Server 2000, while SQLXML versions 2 and 3 are available for download separately. All three versions of SQLXML are affected by the vulnerability; version 1, however, is no longer supported, so users need to upgrade to one of the later two versions. System administrators who have enabled any version of SQLXML and enabled data queries over HTTP should install the patch immediately. The patch has been given a Moderate severity rating by Microsoft.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 249  Category: Tool    

SqlXml WR3 sp2 ... finally!
SqlXml WR3 sp2 RTM has been released. Actually, it was released late last week - but I have been so busy I haven't had time to post about it. But that is another story for another time.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 264  Category: Tool    

DataDirect Connect® for SQL/XML User's Guide
DataDirect, DataDirect Connect, and SequeLink are registered trademarks, and Client/Server MiddleWare, DataDirect Connect Integrator, DataDirect jXTransformer, DataDirect Reflector, DataDirect SequeLink Integrator, DataDirect Spy, and DataDirect Test are trademarks of DataDirect Technologies.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 299  Category: Tool    

SQL XML Utility in C#
This is a C# version of the SQL XML exploration utility from Appendix C of SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled. The original was written by me in Visual Basic 6.0 and published in Appendix C to the book. It used the XML extensions to the SQL Server OLEDB provider via ADO. The original version is part of the publisher's download for the book. This version is delivered as source code for the .Net Framework 1.1. It should work with .Net Framework 1.0 but has not been tested that way.

Type: SQLXML  #Views: 360  Category: Tool    

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