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voicexml Tools
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VocomoVoice® Studio 2.0
Ideal desktop environment for the IVR application developer. Makes VoiceXML testing and debugging a snap. Perfect for pre-deployment tests and usability tests.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 688  Category: Tool    

Voicent Gateway
Voicent Gateway is ideal for developing desktop voice applications such as the Voicent Messenger Personal Version. These Applications can also use the same Voicent Gateway so people in the same office can share the same telephone line. Voicent Gateway extends the boundaries of business and the web by enabling rapid design and deployment of voice applications. Based on the Open VoiceXML standard, Voicent Gateway enables interactive voice access to the web and enterprise systems from any telephone.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 708  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Visibridge
Visibridge specializes in cost-effective VoiceXML technology for the voice, web and wireless world. Offerings include IVR development tools, turnkey systems and hosting services based on W3C open standards.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1033  Category: Tool    

Audium 3
Audium 3 is industry leading voice application software that combines the standards of VoiceXML with the packaged services that are essential for serious IVR applications. A complete solution, Audium 3 provides a full set of tools to help developers quickly build consistent, high quality voice applications, as well as a robust framework to create, deploy, and manage the full lifecycle of large multi-application voice projects.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 684  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Platform Software
The heart of any Plum system is our VoiceXML Interpreter. In essence, the interpreter serves as a browser for VoiceXML applications, processing tag instructions during each phone call. This high-efficiency, W3C-compliant VoiceXML 2.0 Interpreter offers best-in-class DTMF (touchtone) support and various speech plugins.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 616  Category: Tool    

Implementing VoiceXML (VXML)
This document provides a guide to implementing the rules of ECMAScript (JavaScript) as applied to the VXML specification using the ScriptEase ISDK.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 300  Category: Tool    

Building VoiceXML Browsers with OpenVXI
The OpenVXI is a portable open source based toolkit that interprets the VoiceXML dialog markup language. It is designed to serve as a framework for system integrators and platform vendors who want to incorporate VoiceXML into their platform.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 336  Category: Tool    

Open VXI VoiceXML Interpreter
The Open VXI VoiceXML interpreter is a portable open source library that interprets the VoiceXML dialog markup language. It is designed to serve as a reference for parties interested in understanding how VoiceXML markup might be executed.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 331  Category: Tool    

Elvira - a VoiceXML Platform for Research
This article introduces Elvira ( - a VoiceXML platform focused on the specific needs of researchers. Elvira can be used for quick arrangements of sophisticated research environments and allows a quick design of a dialogue system, making it possible to concentrate on the scientific problem itself.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 387  Category: Tool    

Affordable VoiceXML Browser
SandCherry, provider of multi-service broker software for applications and media resources, announces the immediate availability of AppRun VXML, an open, VoiceXML (VXML) 2.0 standard-based browser which can easily integrate with speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) elements from leading speech vendors.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 367  Category: Tool    

Creating and Deploying VoiceXML Applications with voxBuilder
The voxBuilder Online Development Environment (ODE) by Voxpilot is a Web-based tool for developing, deploying, and managing professional VoiceXML applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 248  Category: Tool    

The Motorola VoxGateway
The VoxGateway is Motorola's highly compliant implementation of the W3C VoiceXML 2.0 voice markup language. The VoxGateway has benefited from years of testing and integration in a variety of commercial voice platforms, and is currently the best performing and most mature VoiceXML implementation in the industry. The VoxGateway is implemented in Java and available for source licensing.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 268  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Builder
This application has been designed and developed as an editor for speech-based telephony applications. The project is compliant with the VoiceXML 1.0 Specification and it was created as a platform for the development of voice-based applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 340  Category: Tool    

Creating and Deploying VoiceXML Applications with the voxBuilder Online Development Environment
The voxBuilder Online Development Environment (ODE) by Voxpilot is a Web-based tool for developing, deploying, and managing professional VoiceXML applications. Since Voxpilot's paradigm consists of a completely hosted solution, no hardware or third-party software is required to get started beyond a computer connected to the Internet and a telephone.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 254  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML for DirectTalk
VoiceXML for DirectTalk is a voice rendering application that demonstrates how VoiceXML can be used to provide voice interfaces on traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 247  Category: Tool    

voxBuilder VoiceXML Gateway
Voxpilot's multilingual, fully VoiceXML 1.0 and 2.0 compliant voxBuilder Gateway powers voice-activated services such as voice portals or directory assistance, as well as enabling access to Web content and enterprise databases from any telephone, anywhere in Europe.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 261  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Developer Tools Roundup
I had the opportunity of reviewing a number of different tools for developing and testing VoiceXML applications. In this article, I would like to focus on the salient features of some of the tools and provide some recommendations which should assist you in the selection of your next VoiceXML development tool.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 279  Category: Tool    

BeVocal Café version 2.4.1
The BeVocal Café is the VoiceXML development environment of choice among the industry's most experienced and discerning developers. As a free, Web-based development environment, the Café features a wealth of valuable tools, documentation and other resources, all with the objective of helping developers to build the highest quality voice-enabled applications in the shortest period of time. Tens of thousands of developers from over 30 countries representing a variety of organizations have chosen the Café to build compelling, production quality VoiceXML applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 248  Category: Tool    

MiLife™ VoiceXML Gateway
Lucent Technologies’ MiLife™ VoiceXML Gateway provides telephone access to voice-enabled web services. It retrieves VoiceXML formatted content from web servers, converting it into interactive voice dialogs with end users via fixed or mobile phones.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 266  Category: Tool    

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