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webdav Tools
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.Net Framework-based WebDAV Server Engine
IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine provides a set of interfaces and classes for creating Class 1 or Class 2 compatible WebDAV Server. Features: - Microsoft Web Folders support - Microsoft Office XP/2003 support - RFC 2518 Class 2 compliant - Runs on .Net Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 - Microsoft SQL 2000/2005 and Microsoft Access samples

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 2878  Category: Tool    

DAV Explorer
The user interface for the DAV Explorer is similar in look and functionality to the Explorer program which is provided by the Windows operating system. The DAV Explorer is a useful tool for interoperability testing a WebDAV server, since it is capable of exercising the majority of the functionality specified in RFC 2518, the WebDAV Distributed Authoring Protocol specification, while logging the protocol stream. However, DAV Explorer can also be used for remote namespace management, and has collaboration support for groups which employ a lock-download-work-upload-unlock authoring process.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 3322  Category: Tool    

WebDAV Explorer
You can use the WebDAV Explorer to navigate through the document store. You can view the properties and content of the files and folders, change the document class of files, update their indexes, and delete files and folders.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 893  Category: Tool    

Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) allows you to set up a folder for a remote Web server (e.g. your WebCT server) on your local computer. You'll find it easier and quicker to manage your course files by using WebDAV because you can drag and drop folders and files into and out of the "My_Files" folder of your WebCT course(s). The main advantage of using WebDAV is the fact that you can upload and download multiple files instead of one file at a time.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 790  Category: Tool    

Tamino WebDAV Server
The Tamino WebDAV Server offers essential features such as versioning and access control that you must have if you are looking for a powerful and reliable content management repository. This article takes a closer look at the Tamino WebDAV Server from a content management perspective and explains why Tamino and the WebDAV protocol fit together very well to make a great content management repository: the Tamino WebDAV Server.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 757  Category: Tool    

WebDAV tool for Frontier/Radio 1.1b1
WebDAV tool for Frontier/Radio is a plug-in that allows Frontier's Website Framework and Manila static rendering output, and Radio UserLand upstreaming via WebDAV. It provides limited support for WebDAV as specified by RFC 2518. The PUT, DELETE and MKCOL methods, and basic HTTP authentication only are supported. (That means: use it on a secure network or wrap it securely).

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 718  Category: Tool    

The MaxDB WebDAV GUI is an HTML-based application that simplifies administration and metadata management when you index XML documents. These XML documents are stored in the Document Store (WebDAV store) of the WebDAV Service.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 733  Category: Tool    

Jakarta Slide - Slide Client
Slide includes a full featured command-line based WebDAV client, which allows full access to the Slide server using the WebDAV protocol. Although the client is part of the Slide project, it is not tied to the Slide server, and was proven to be interoperable with a wide variety of WebDAV servers from other vendors. The reason why it is part of Slide instead of being fully independent and developed separately is the need to manitain a consistent feature set between the client and the server. For example, if ACL support is added to the server, we will want to also have ACL support in the client to be able to manipulate the ACLs.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 952  Category: Tool    

WebDAV Support: Campus Edition
WebCT 3.8 supports WebDAV for site designers. WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning." It allows users to edit and manage files on remote web servers using a drag-and-drop interface. This means you can now manage your WebCT files almost as easily as managing files on your own computer.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 660  Category: Tool    

eZ webdav
This functionality is currently under development. It will hopefully appear in eZ publish 3.2. Most of it will be available from within trunk [as soon as it reaches an alpha/usable state]. eZ WebDAV is a WebDAV server abstraction library. It enables you to quickly develop WebDAV enabled PHP servers/applications.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 843  Category: Tool    

WebDAV setup
This document explains how to set up and use the beta version of the eZ WebDAV content administration sub-system. The functionality described here is new and will appear in eZ publish 3.2 (also in beta releases).

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 721  Category: Tool    

WebDAV Component [IP*Works! V6]
The WebDAV component implements an easy-to-use interface to the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol (WebDAV). The component allows remote management of resource properties and collections, including creation, deletion, listing, copying, and moving. Resource locking is also supported.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 830  Category: Tool    

<TEXTML Server WebDAV Extension>
The TEXTML Server WebDAV Extension was developed to improve web-based collaboration. WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that facilitates the exchange of documents over the Web and allows for collaborative authoring.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 786  Category: Tool    

Tamino WebDAV Server
Tamino WebDAV Server is an implementation of the WebDAV standard - an extension of HTTP/1.1 - that provides drag&drop access to data stored in the Tamino XML Server.

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 709  Category: Tool    

WebDAV tool for Frontier/Radio 1.1b1
This plugin allows Frontier's Website Framework and Manila static rendering output, and Radio UserLand upstreaming via WebDAV. It provides limited support for WebDAV as specified by RFC 2518. The PUT, DELETE and MKCOL methods, and basic HTTP authentication only are supported. (That means: use it on a secure network or wrap it securely).

Type: WebDAV  #Views: 713  Category: Tool    

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