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xaml Tools
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SWF2XAML: A free tool that converts Adobe/Macromedia Flash files to XAML
In my spare time, I've been working on a tool that converts Adobe/Macromedia Flash (.SWF) files to XAML. Unlike my Adobe Illustrator to XAML export plug-in that was implemented in native code, this tool is a fully managed code application (managed code rocks!). The current version of the tool allows you to directly open a SWF file and browse through its frames one by one. When you've found a frame that you like, you can either export a XAML file or copy the XAML to the clipboard for easy pasting into your tool of choice. The conversion isn't perfect, and there are many areas for improvement. For common cases, however, it should do the trick.

Type: XAML  #Views: 1589  Category: Tool    

Lunar Eclipse: open source Silverlight design tool for Linux
Alan McGovern, the creator of MonoTorrent, has spent the past 12 weeks developing a visual design tool for XAML that runs on Mono. Although McGovern had no previous experience with either Silverlight or XAML when he started working on his XAML designer, he has successfully created an impressive working prototype.

Type: XAML  #Views: 2076  Category: Tool    

Aurora XAML Designer
Aurora is a Visual Designer that produces XAML documents from the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Object Model using WinFX. Aurora is much more than a drawing or painting program. Aurora can be used as a Stand Alone application, Plug-in for software applications or used seamlessly in Visual Studio

Type: XAML  #Views: 2642  Category: Tool    

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