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Worlds' first Free and Online XBRL Business Report Editor and Viewer
The Netherlands, Gouda, September 2004 - J2R BV, the vendor of the Batavia XBRL(TM) software for developers now is proud to announce the worlds' first free and online XBRL 2.1 Business Report Editor and Viewer for end users. Some called XBRL "a case study in complexity" ( other sources report "Some critics still claim that XBRL is too complex" ( and some speak off a "gap that exists between compliance and I.T." ( Batavia XBRL(TM) Online demonstrates that these statements can all be issues off the past from now on.

Type: XBRL  #Views: 4415  Category: Tool    

XBRL Composer
The XBRL Composer is a software product that can be used by anyone responsible for the production of business reports in XBRL format. The philosophy of the XBRL Composer is to serve many different types of users ranging from internal bookkeepers and business managers, to external software vendors who are seeking to deliver XBRL formatted outputs. The XBRL Composer allows for the use and combination of multiple taxonomies. Multiple taxonomies are necessary to comply to various reporting standards.

Type: XBRL  #Views: 2125  Category: Tool    

Automator XBRL Product Family
UBmatrix is the only company that delivers comprehensive XBRL Web Services required to build end-to-end solutions. UBmatrix™ Automator XBRL is a family of Windows desktop and Web server solutions designed for the enterprise, and based on XBRL technology. Automator XBRL solutions automate the exchange, analysis and validation of business and financial information. Our solutions provide unsurpassed usability, functionality and automation - the classification, management, sharing, reusing and analysis of business reporting data.

Type: XBRL  #Views: 2189  Category: Tool    

XBRL Fast Lane 1.0
This e-book discusses a development that is changing the face of business reporting. These changes will manifest themselves in several ways. Some impacts will be on the cost-saving side by more rational handling, and some changes will impact business logic, market transparency, and credit judgments by financial institutions. XBRL is a transnational, major global economic event.

Type: XBRL  #Views: 2002  Category: Tool    

XBRL stylesheet generator
The generated stylesheet will group blocks of similar XBRL data items together based on their element names. The stylesheets make use of the dotted naming style used in XBRL. This means that data items which begin with "acquisitions." will be grouped together e.g. "acquisitions.operatingProfitByBusinessDivisionBS" and "acquisitions.assetBreakdown" will be grouped together in a table.

Type: XBRL  #Views: 1042  Category: Tool    

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