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Juxy - XSLT unit testing from Java
Juxy is a library for unit testing XSLT stylesheets from Java. It is best suited for the projects where both Java and XSLT are used simultaneously. Juxy features include: - Ability to invoke individual xsl templates and pass them any parameters. - Ability to setup stylesheet parameters and global variables. - Ability to setup current node before transformation. - Integration with JUnit. - Transparent support for document fragments returned as transformation result. - Easy result verification with sophisticated XML assertion mechanism. - Ability to trace execution of the sylesheets instructions. - Support for custom URIResolver. - Ant task for batch verification of XSLT stylesheets.

Type: XSL  #Views: 488  Category: Tool    

XSL Generator
An XSL Generator for visually generating XSL stylesheets. Load one or more data sources, and specify an output content model (specified using XML Schema/DTD, or build it on the fly as you map). Stylus Studio's XSL generator supports built in functions, Java extension functions, and other XSL data constructs. Supports synchronized, 2-way editing of XSL stylesheet code.

Type: XSL  #Views: 1637  Category: Tool    

XSLT Tools
XSLT tools for advanced XSLT 1.0 or XSLT 2.0 development, including a visual XSLT Mapper, Editor, Debugger, Profiler, and more! Stylus Studio includes XSLT editing and debugging support for industry XSLT processors: Saxon, MSXML, System.XML, Xalan, etc.

Type: XSL  #Views: 1005  Category: Tool    

XSLT Editor
The Stylus Studio XSLT editor supports single-click XSLT transformation, Backmapping of XML output to the original XSLT stylesheet, XSLT syntax coloring, XSLT code completion, XPath syntax help and code completion, support for all major XSLT processors (MSXML, System.XML, Xalan, Saxon, etc.), XSLT template refactoring, Modularized, Per-Template XSLT Editing Views, an XML Source Tree Window, an XSLT output preview window, and more.

Type: XSL  #Views: 525  Category: Tool    

XSL Maker
XSL Maker is a tool for building HTML Web pages by transforming XML.

Type: XSL  #Views: 1126  Category: Tool    

P & P Software has released XSLTdoc 1.0, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) Javadoc-like tool for XSLT styles
P & P Software has released XSLTdoc 1.0, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) Javadoc-like tool for XSLT stylesheets. Instead of using comments, it uses elements in the namespace. These are top-level elements that appear before each documented top-level XSLT element. The processor is itself implemented in XSLT 2.0. The XSLT stylesheets are not complete onto themselves. A config file is also required, though mostly this just replaces what would be provided by command line arguments in javadoc. However, truly JavaDoc like documentation should be able to generated purely from the XSLT stylesheets themselves, without any extra files needing to be consulted.

Type: XSL  #Views: 555  Category: Tool    

Scriptura XBOS
Scriptura XBOS takes your data, creates an output template based on your specifications, merges this template with operational data and delivers virtually any type of output.

Type: XSL  #Views: 456  Category: Tool    

Antenna XSL Formatter Lite released
Antenna House released first lite version of their famous XSL Formatter (XSL-FO to PDF). It's much more cheaper than full version (only $300 for Windows version), but has a bit annoying (at least for me) limitations:

Type: XSL  #Views: 353  Category: Tool    

Review: STYLEVISION 2004
STYLEVISION is a graphical designer for XSLT stylesheets - among other things. A part of the XMLSPY line of products from Altova, the new 2004 release offers a wider variety of ways to look at XML data than ever before. You begine the process of working with STYLEVISION by loading a schema file and some sample XML data.

Type: XSL  #Views: 337  Category: Tool    

ActiveState VisualXSLT for .NET
Visual XSLT is ActiveState's full-featured XSLT plug-in for Visual Studio .NET. Developers who are familiar with Visual Studio can use the same powerful tool set and intuitive environment to write XSLT programs. Complete with "F1 is your friend" integrated help, tutorials and a complete XSLT manual and reference guide, this is arguably the most powerful XSL editor-debugger to hit the market yet!

Type: XSL  #Views: 283  Category: Tool    

XSLT Formatters
This section contails some XSLT formatters.

Type: XSL  #Views: 314  Category: Tool    

ActiveState Debuts XSLT Tool for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Open Source tool provider ActiveState released an upgrade of its Visual XSLT IDE plug-in for Visual Studio .NET 2003 at this week's Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in LA.

Type: XSL  #Views: 287  Category: Tool    

Working XML: Link management and preparing the future
This is a tutorial article on using XSLT Make (XM) by its developer, Benoit Marchal, who is also the author of Applied XML Solutions, XML in the Enterprise, and XML by Example.

Type: XSL  #Views: 212  Category: Tool    

XSLT transforms library
A nice collection of useful XSLT transforms, models and reusable fragments under GPL, involving HTML tables, XML Schema, HTML GUI, MathML, SQL analogy, etc.

Type: XSL  #Views: 338  Category: Tool    

What is nxslt ?
nxslt is a small command line utility that allows to perform XSL Transformations (XSLT) using .NET Framework's XSLT implementation - System.Xml.Xsl.XslTransform class. nxslt basically dublicates functionality and command line options, provided by Microsoft's MSXSL.EXE Command Line Transformation Utility with small difference:

Type: XSL  #Views: 258  Category: Tool    

FAQ: XSL Transformations (XSLT) in Mozilla
A small, collection of FAQs on XSLT.

Type: XSL  #Views: 222  Category: Tool    

ActiveState Visual XSLT 2.0
ActiveState has announced the release of Visual XSLT 2.0. Visual XSLT now ships with ActiveState's unique Just-in-Time (JIT) debugger, enabling developers to test XSLT code embedded in other applications or libraries built for the Microsoft .NET Framework without the need for special instrumentation or access to source code. Also new, the Visual Schema Mapper allows programmers to build transformations of XML files in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, without writing a single line of code or employing XML schemas. In addition, Visual XSLT will support Microsoft's VS .NET Whidbey.

Type: XSL  #Views: 232  Category: Tool    

Visual XSLT
Visual XSLT is the powerhouse XSLT development environment plug-in for Visual Studio .NET.

Type: XSL  #Views: 233  Category: Tool    

xmlhack: New XSLT IDE and Debugger
MarrowSoft have released Xselerator, a new XSLT development environment for the Windows platform.

Type: XSL  #Views: 269  Category: Tool    

Debugging XSLT
Sablotron is a tool which can be used as XSLT debugger.

Type: XSL  #Views: 243  Category: Tool    

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