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xsql Tools
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XSQL Pages Publishing Framework
The Oracle XSQL Pages publishing framework is an extensible platform for easily publishing XML information in any format you desire. It greatly simplifies combining the power of SQL, XML, and XSLT to publish dynamic web content based on database information.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 1181  Category: Tool    

XSql Database DDL creator
In a nutshell XSql allows developers to populate a database with data. Imagine XSql to be a database injector that inserts rows of data onto any database. What makes XSql unique is that the data that is uses is as realistic as you make it through the use of resource files. XSql is capable of this realistic data population by the use of resource files. For each column a resource file may be assigned that is the designated file where the data will be collected from. XSql is 100% Java and XML.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 367  Category: Tool    

Running Mobile XSQL & BC4J Applications from JDeveloper 3.1
A tool to run Mobile XSQL & BC4J Applications from JDeveloper 3.1.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 227  Category: Tool    

Patch for Potential Vulnerability in Oracle XSQL Servlet
A potential security vulnerability in Oracle XSQL Servlet has been discovered when using stylesheets as URL parameters which permits the execution of arbitrary Java code on the Oracle database server with elevated privileges. This vulnerability was discovered in Oracle8i, Release, Enterprise Edition running Oracle Internet Application Server (iAS) and XSQL Servlet, Release, on MS Windows 2000. It also exists in XSQL releases to on all platforms.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 236  Category: Tool    

After a long and intensive beta testing period xSQL Object is finally here. xSQL Object allows you to compare, script and synchronize SQL Server databases, tables, stored procedures, views, user defined data functions etc. quickly and painlessly. This has been a joint effort of our development team and our wonderful early adapters that have provided invaluable feedback throughout the development process.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 252  Category: Tool    

Oracle XSQL servlet and xml-stylesheet allows code execution on server
Oracle version 8.1.7 could allow a remote attacker to execute Java on a Web server, due to a vulnerability in the XSQL servlet. The Oracle XSQL servlet allows Java to be executed by external XSLT stylesheets regardless of where they reside. A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to compromise the Web server.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 271  Category: Tool    

What is Xsql?
Xsql is a small tool for Mac OS X to send SQL queries to a local or remote Postgresql, Oracle or MySQL database server and to display and/or save the results. Output can be viewed either tab-delimited (for export to Microsoft Excel or similar applications) or in a table format.

Type: XSQL  #Views: 439  Category: Tool    

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