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Hermes ebXML Open Source Project
Hermes ebXML Messaging Server and OMAR ebXML Registry open source solutions. Mission - freebXML is an initiative that aims to foster the development and adoption of ebXML and related technology through software and experience sharing. Objectives - to create a centralized site for the sharing of 'free' ebXML code and applications as well as development and deployment experience to promote ebXML as an e-commerce enabling technology Organization - is sponsored by the Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. Founding members include technical leaders from international technology firms, government organizations, standardization bodies and academic institutions.

Type: ebXML  #Views: 536  Category: Tool    

jCAM validation tool
CAM came about as part of the ebXML project. It was seen that there was a need for a mechanism to allow documents to be created that reflected the Business Context in which they are to be used. It was hoped that the Libraries of documents would be produced and CAM would be a mechanism to refine those documents into the final usable on-the-wire format. CAM does this by bridging the gap between traditional schema languages and the need for more flexibility in expressing actual business documents. Examples where the use of schemas is not enough abound, but typical use-cases involve fields that vary in length depending on the business context. Rules about content of a field depending on the geography that a document is to be used in, etc. jCAM is an open source solution - and it is now integrated with the Hermes ebXML message server.

Type: ebXML  #Views: 364  Category: Tool    

Solme Registry & Repository for ebXML
The Registry & Repository is one of the key components to implementing the ebXML framework. An enterprise of any size in any location is able to search and find trading partners in a Registry & Repository by viewing ebXML business documents such as a Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP) or a Business Process Schema (BPS). In realizing the ideal purpose of ebXML, to create one single global market, the Registry & Repository presents greater opportunities for enterprises and enables them to improve their inter operability and reduce operation costs.

Type: ebXML  #Views: 299  Category: Tool    

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