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XML and Flash5
In 1995 we saw the release of FutureSplash, a program which we have come to know as Flash. Originally it was designed to bring lightweight animation to the Internet. Now in the hands of Macromedia, it has become a powerful tool enabling creators to make highly interactive and graphically rich websites. 1999's addition of Flash 5 saw many powerful improvements which allowed us to extend our Flash applications to create dynamic, functional websites. Possibly the most valuable feature of the new additions was its ability to work in conjunction with other technologies. In this tutorial I will look at integrating Flash with other technologies to create easily updatable websites specifically focussing on combining XML and Flash. I will also consider alternatives to XML including server-side scripting languages such as PHP, Perl or ASP.

Type: Flash  #Views: 787  Category: Tutorial    

Loading Images in to Flash Using XML
In my previous tutorial (the one catchily titled "Loading External XML formatted Content into Flash MX 2004") I mentioned that I would be covering how to load images into Flash via XML. I've been taking a bit of time out from Flash recently in order to party hard down at club-PHP, but I've been getting so many emails asking how to do the image thing that I thought it was about time I made good on my promise. This is just a primer but it should be enough to get you on the right tracks.

Type: Flash  #Views: 2294  Category: Tutorial    

XML and Flash 5 - How and when to use it
In this tutorial I will look at integrating Flash with other technologies to create easily updatable websites specifically focussing on combining XML and Flash.

Type: Flash  #Views: 480  Category: Tutorial    

Using Macromedia Flash MX as a multilingual authoring tool
This tutorial offers procedures and strategies that allow you to adapt a Macromedia Flash MX movie to the language and culture of a target audience. Macromedia Flash MX supports localization through Unicode and the various ways in which you can include different languages in a movie.

Type: Flash  #Views: 421  Category: Tutorial    

Using XML with Flash (Part 2)
This is an update to the original latest news tutorial. The original tutorial still provides a good introduction to flash and XML. However there where a few things that are pretty lacking with the original version

Type: Flash  #Views: 1095  Category: Tutorial    

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