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smil Tutorials
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Larry Bouthillier's Streaming Media Event Stream Tutorial
Did you know that you can embed events into your streaming video content which will "throw" URLs into your viewers' browser?

Type: SMIL  #Views: 289  Category: Tutorial    

The SMIL Tutorial - Index
The SMIL Tutorial - Index

Type: SMIL  #Views: 384  Category: Tutorial    

Anton Zamov - Experience in Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0
SMIL 2.0 is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) successor to SMIL 1.0. HTML+TIME 2.0 is the successor to HTML+TIME 1.0. HTML+TIME 2.0 is based on the HTML+SMIL language profile in the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0 working draft. In the autumn of 2002, I worked on a project for creating an interactive presentation of a product in internet, since then I discovered the advantages which gives the use of the interactive time extensions in Internet Explorer for creating multimedia presentations and in general integrate multimedia in internet.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 438  Category: Tutorial    

Chapter 2. What is SMIL?
This short chapter will teach you what SMIL is and who made it, what it allows you to do and what the structure of a SMIL document is.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 315  Category: Tutorial    

SMIL 1.0 Synchronized Multimedia Tutorial
This example and code are as seen in the September 1998 issue of WebTechniques magazine . The article, together with the code and examples linked below should offer an introduction to many of the features of SMIL, as well as a few specific features of RealPlayer - RealPix and RealText.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 374  Category: Tutorial    

RealSystem G2 & SMIL
If you've been following our introduction to G2 and SMIL, you've probably already downloaded the Preview Edition of the G2 Player. Hopefully you've taken a look at some of the incredible media that has been produced with SMIL, RealPix and RealText. And of course you've looked at the incredible Razor's Edge video. If so, you've gotta be yearning to create some of that G2 content yourself. That's what this tutorial will do--get you started in the Wide World of true streaming multimedia presentations for the Web.

Type: SMIL  #Views: 365  Category: Tutorial    

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