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soap Tutorials
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SOAP Tutorials - Message Exchange Patterns
This tutorial helps you to learn: What are SOAP message exchange patterns? What is Request-Response Message Exchange Pattern? What is Response Message Exchange Pattern? What is Web Method Feature? What is SOAP Action Feature?

Type: SOAP  #Views: 232  Category: Tutorial    

SOAP Message Structure - Introduction
This tutorial describes: * Generic SOAP message structure. * SOAP fault message structure.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 276  Category: Tutorial    

Quick Introduction SOAP
This tutorial describes: What is SOAP? A SOAP communication example.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 314  Category: Tutorial    

SOAP and Web Service Tutorials by Herong
This tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Web service and SOAP himself. Topics include ActivePerl, Axis, Binding, Data Model, Encoding, HTTP, Java, Message, Message Exchange Patterns, NuSOAP, online, PEAR, PHP, Properties, RPC, SOA, SOAP 1.2, SOAP Extension, SOAP::Lite, UDDI, Web Method, Web service, WSDL

Type: SOAP  #Views: 575  Category: Tutorial    

Returning ADO Recordsets with SOAP Messaging
This tutorial provides guidelines for exposing an existing Component Object Model (COM) object in a web service, illustrated by taking advantage of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology to return ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordsets via two different methods.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 353  Category: Tutorial    

Using SOAP with Java
Welcome back to part two of the series. Hope you had a nice coding time and had no major problem in deploying your first SOAP application. If you had one, it is most likely a classpath related problem and you yourself could solve it. One of the easiest ways of solving these problems is to explicitly specify the required .jar files to the java runtime.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 450  Category: Tutorial    

The Structure of the JAXM API
The JAXM API conforms to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1 specification and the SOAP with Attachments specification. The complete JAXM API is presented in two packages:

Type: SOAP  #Views: 270  Category: Tutorial    

SOAP with Attachments API for Java
The SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) 1.2 specification defines the javax.xml.soap package, which contains the API for creating and populating a SOAP

Type: SOAP  #Views: 328  Category: Tutorial    

SOAP Tutorial
In our SOAP tutorial, you will learn what SOAP is, and how it uses XML to exchange information between applications.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 740  Category: Tutorial    

Tutorial 3: Exception Handling with SOAP Faults
The new getElementName() operation introduced in Tutorial 2 has one very significant flaw: results are unpredictable if the atomic_number parameter passed in is out of range. A better solution would be to examine the parameter first and return an error to the client if it is invalid.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 265  Category: Tutorial    

Tutorial on ebXML and SOAP to the joint WG
Tutorial on ebXML and SOAP to the joint WG meeting in Manchester [PDF]

Type: SOAP  #Views: 243  Category: Tutorial    

Hitchhiker‘s Guide to SOAP Hitchhiker‘s Guide to SOAP
Hitchhiker‘s Guide to SOAP Hitchhiker‘s Guide to SOAP

Type: SOAP  #Views: 384  Category: Tutorial    

Simple Object Access Protocol
Simple Object Access Protocol

Type: SOAP  #Views: 319  Category: Tutorial    

swb's ActiveCampus SOAP tutorial
SOAP is a nifty standard for making function calls between hosts. I'm going to assume you're going to use the harness I provide here, already know the basics of whatever SOAP library / language you're using, or can look up a tutorial with Google, so I'll start right in on how to use ActiveCampus's SOAP functions and give you examples in PHP using the nusoap library that you can put to use.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 310  Category: Tutorial    

Web services insider,Part 1: Reflections on SOAP
What is the current state of the "Web services revolution?" In this, the first installment of my new column titled "Web services insider," I'll answer this question by reviewing the tools and technologies that have emerged over the past year, highlighting their differences and similarities.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 253  Category: Tutorial    

PHP Web Services Without SOAP
In an earlier article, I outlined the basics of Web services and how you can use PHP and SOAP to talk to But SOAP isn't the only way a developer can query Amazon's database. The other method is known as REST, which stands for Representational State Transfer.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 327  Category: Tutorial    

Kafka XSL SOAP Toolkit
This article provides a tutorial example using Kafka to build an endpoint in XSL

Type: SOAP  #Views: 225  Category: Tutorial    

Drive your Flash Front-Ends with SOAP
This tutorial shows Flash developers how to make SOAP calls from Flash to build an interactive thin client Web application.

Type: SOAP  #Views: 261  Category: Tutorial    

SOAP Example
This chapter describes a SOAP example

Type: SOAP  #Views: 505  Category: Tutorial    

HTTP communicates over TCP/IP. An HTTP client connects to an HTTP server using TCP. After establishing a connection, the client can send an HTTP request message to the server:

Type: SOAP  #Views: 330  Category: Tutorial    

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