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wml Tutorials
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Building WML Applications Using PHP
This tutorial shows the user how to use PHP in conjunction with Wireless Markup Language (WML) to serve dynamic content to a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled wireless device. A little prior experience with Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL and introductory WML is assumed by the author.

Type: WML  #Views: 774  Category: Tutorial    

Introducing WML and WMLScript
An introductory tutorial in programming WML and WMLScript, beginning with download and setup of the sample environment, the Nokia WAP Toolkit. Also includes online and downloadable WML deck and WMLScript script samples from Nokia. Well illustrated with complete source listings.

Type: WML  #Views: 717  Category: Tutorial    

Building a WML Application
This tutorial details the process of developing a small Wireless Markup Language (WML) application that allows wireless device users to check global weather reports.

Type: WML  #Views: 649  Category: Tutorial    

The Wireless Markup Language (WML)
An introductory tutorial and overview of the Wireless Markup Language, covering valid elements, usuing variables, creating a WML deck and calling a server script.

Type: WML  #Views: 591  Category: Tutorial    

Building WML Applications Using PHP
This tutorial is intended for the PHP programmer interested in using PHP to create basic WML pages. The reader is expected to be knowledgeable of MySQL and should be familiar with WML at an introductory level.

Type: WML  #Views: 231  Category: Tutorial    

The basic rule of WML case sensitivity is that all tags and attributes must be lower case.

Type: WML  #Views: 515  Category: Tutorial    

Building WML Applications Using PHP
This tutorial is intended for the PHP programmer interested in using PHP to create basic WML pages. The reader is expected to be knowledgeable of MySQL and should be familiar with WML at an introductory level.

Type: WML  #Views: 236  Category: Tutorial    

WML Tutorial
The Wireless Markup Language (WML) is the HTML of WAP browsers and is transmitted via the HTTP protocol. WML is a markup language built specifically for communicating across WAP-based networks, and is based upon XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Like HDML, it is at first glance similar to HTML, but is also a much more strictly written language. To make it possible for web pages to be read from a WAP-enabled device, WML must be used. The WML coder determines within the code what parts of the web page are viewable to the device, and what is not. For example, it would not be too advantageous for a 468x60 pixel banner to be loaded into the small screen of a WAP device, due to size, color and bandwidth restraints. However, certain parts of the text may be made available to the device.

Type: WML  #Views: 461  Category: Tutorial    

WML Tutorial
WML Tutorial

Type: WML  #Views: 235  Category: Tutorial    

WML Tutorial
This is a tutorial that gives you an idea of how to write WML pages. You do not need any experience with XML to learn WML. So don't worry about it. We will first show you the example, and then we will explain what each code does. These examples are tested using Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.3 beta. You are recommended to copy the examples and try it out yourself. In addition, Nokia 6150 is used to take the images. Have fun!!

Type: WML  #Views: 474  Category: Tutorial    

New Zvon WML Tutorial
Miroslav Nic has posted another tutorial on his Zvon site. This WML (Wireless Markup Language) tutorial covers the main features of the language and includes the neat feature of a PDA 'emulator' in HTML, so additional downloads or kit aren't required.

Type: WML  #Views: 233  Category: Tutorial    

Softsteel WML Tutorial - Contents
This tutorial takes you through the basics of WAP, and provides all the information you need to create your own WAP pages using the Wireless Markup Language (WML). The WMLScript tutorial that we promised has unfortunately had to be postponed, however. We shall return to it when we have time.

Type: WML  #Views: 248  Category: Tutorial    

WML Tutorial
When you write a page in the wml language, you are actually using a "sub-set" of the new XML web language, which has been specifically designed for mobile phones. In order to comply with some of the XML rules, all WAP pages must (and that means MUST) start with a couple of lines of XML code, shown in blue below. Typically, you would also use cards to layout your page, so the example below is a good example of a blank template, waiting for you to insert your text.

Type: WML  #Views: 257  Category: Tutorial    

Using Cocoon, WML, and XMLForms
This tutorial teaches you how to develop applications using Cocoon, Wireless Markup Language (WML), and XMLForms. The course is intended for developers and technical managers who want to get an overview of Cocoon and understand how to use Cocoon for application development.

Type: WML  #Views: 302  Category: Tutorial    

WML Tutorial
ZVON WML Tutorial

Type: WML  #Views: 227  Category: Tutorial    

Valid WML Elements
WML predefines a set of elements that can be combined together to create a WML document. These elements include can be broken down into two groups: the Deck/Card elements and the Event elements.

Type: WML  #Views: 248  Category: Tutorial    

WMLScript Tutorial
WMLScript is the scripting language used in WML pages! In our WMLScript tutorial you will learn how to use WMLScripts with WML.

Type: WML  #Views: 333  Category: Tutorial    

Mobile Internet: WML/WAP Tutorial
WML (Wireless Markup Language) is the new web language for making sites on mobile phones. Over the past few months new WAP (Wireless Applications Protocol) phones have become extremely popular and many large websites have created special 'mobile' versions of their site. Many people predict that, over the next few years, WAP sites will become even morepopular and e-commerce over mobile phones will be widely available.

Type: WML  #Views: 302  Category: Tutorial    

Ten Minutes to WML
Wireless Markup Language - you keep telling yourself you ought to learn it but you don't have time what with keeping up with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything else you have to learn.

Type: WML  #Views: 174  Category: Tutorial    

WAP / WML Tutorial
The WAP protocol is the leading standard for information services on wireless terminals like digital mobile phones. WML is the language used to create pages to be displayed in a WAP browser. In our WAP tutorial you will learn about WAP and WML, and how to convert your HTML pages to pocket format, so that your information can be accessed from devices like mobile WAP phones.

Type: WML  #Views: 368  Category: Tutorial    

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