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xpointer Tutorials
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libxml 2.2.5 released with XPointer support
Daniel Veillard has announced libxml 2.2.5, also known as the Gnome XML library, bringing lots of fixes and an initial XPointer implementation. The XPointer and XPath modules are both optional and operating over the tree built by libxml during the document parsing.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 604  Category: Tutorial    

XPointer annotations as a substitution for individual notes in scripts
Individual notes in scripts are one of the main skills to learn a new topic. Writing an annotation in your own words let you remember the topic more than only reading or hearing it. XPointer annotations can be a modern substitution for writing into scripts by linking the messages into original XML- or XHTML-Documents.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 468  Category: Tutorial    

XPointer Basics
If you've been paying attention to this column over the past few weeks, you'll already be familiar with XPath and XLink, two important pieces of the XML jigsaw. XPath provides a standard way to access specific nodes (or sets of nodes) within an XML document, while XLink offers XML document authors the ability to link XML data together in a myriad of different ways.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 606  Category: Tutorial    

XPointer tutorial
You should know a little bit about XML, XPath. The XPointer specification relies also on XML Schema. We recommend you our tutorials for XML and XPath. and interactive XLab: XLab - xpath expressions, XLab - xpath axes, XLab - xsl:value-of, XLab - string functions.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 502  Category: Tutorial    

Where can XPointer point?
XPointer is intended to point to XML-based media types. Standard excerpt: "The framework is intended to be used as a basis for fragment identifiers for any resource whose Internet media type is one of text/xml, application/xml, text/xml-external-parsed-entity, or application/xml-external-parsed-entity."

Type: XPointer  #Views: 351  Category: Tutorial    

XPointer Basics
You already know how to link XML documents together with XLink, and isolate specific nodes or node collections with XPath. Now uncover the third and final piece of the XML linking jigsaw - XPointer, an experimental technology from the W3C, which allows you to create XML links to specific points or ranges within an XML document.

Type: XPointer  #Views: 322  Category: Tutorial    

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