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xquery Tutorials
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Relational and XML Tools
DataDirect XQuery is a high-performance Java component that implements both XQuery and the XQuery for Java API, used to query XML and relational data together. It supports most relational databases (SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, etc.), runs on any Java platform, and is easily embeddable into almost any Java program. DataDirect XQuery works with any J2EE Application Server, although no application server is required. This tutorial shows how to use various relational and XML tools in Stylus Studio that use DataDirect XQuery to further simplifies relational and XML data integration.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 264  Category: Tutorial    

Building Web Service and XQuery Applications with TigerLogic XDMS and Stylus Studio
This tutorial describes Stylus Studio's integrated developer tools support for Raining Data TigerLogic XML data management server (XDMS), and includes a tutorial on how to build a sample XQuery application that invokes a Web service, then processes the results, directly within the XQuery expression. Sample files and detailed step-by-step instructions are included.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 464  Category: Tutorial    

Using XQuery Tools to build Mark Logic Content Interaction Server Applications
Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Edition features XQuery tools for developing advanced XQuery-based XML content management applications using Mark Logic's Content Interaction Server. This tutorial provides an overview of the integrated support for Mark Logic's Content Interaction Server in Stylus Studio, including: Editing Support for Mark Logic's Built-in XQuery Functions, Support for Mark Logic XQuery Function Prototypes, Access Mark Logic Content Interaction Server in Stylus Studio, Support for Mark Logic's XQuery Processor in Stylus Studio's XQuery Editor, and more.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 486  Category: Tutorial    

Using DataDirect XQuery in Stylus Studio
An overview of Stylus Studio's support for DataDirect XQuery, a powerful Java XQuery component optimized for running XQuery against relational databases. This video demonstration covers: * Configuring the Java Runtime Environment in Stylus Studio * An overview of the XQuery Collection Function * Creating an example XQuery that uses an XQuery collection that is bound to a relational database * Connecting and Browsing a Relational Database and creating an access URL for that data source using the Stylus Studio URL Builder * Returning database results in a structured XML format using XML Forrest * How to select the DDXQ processor in Stylus Studio's XQuery Scenario Properties window. * Editing an XQuery file in Stylus Studio and using the XQuery code completion feature. * Running and saving an XQuery file in Stylus Studio. Browsing the XML results retuned from the database through DDXQ Specifying default database-to-XML connection settings.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 407  Category: Tutorial    

XQuery Report Generation Tutorial
The widespread adoption of XML has profoundly altered the way that information is exchanged within and between enterprises. XML, an extensible, text-based markup language, describes data in a way that is both hardware- and software-independent. As such, it has become a standard of choice for a growing number of Web services and Service Oriented Architectures. With a vast amount of data being published in XML format by multiple sources, the need has arisen for an easy and efficient means of extracting and manipulating this information. XQuery has emerged as an ideal way to aggregate data from Web services, relational databases, and other applications that employ XML. This XQuery tutorial explains XQuery's use as a report-generation technology, for aggregating data from multiple sources. The tutorial uses real-world data from a stock-quote Web service, and combining that information with historical company data stored in a relational database and presented as XML. In this tutorial, the historical data is being enhanced with live data about the current stock price, which is being retrieved via a Web-service call. Once the data is aggregated, it can be presented in any number of formats.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 321  Category: Tutorial    

XQuery Video Demonstrations
Free online XQuery demonstration videos which cover how to develop XQuery applications using Stylus Studio's XQuery Tools. "Introduction to the XQuery Mapper" provides an overview of how to connect to query and aggregate XML sources in a powerful, standards-compliant way. "Advanced XQuery Mapping", covers in greater depth the use of Stylus Studio's advanced XQuery development tools to aggregate data from multiple XML sources for use in run time application. (Requires Windows Media Player)

Type: XQuery  #Views: 196  Category: Tutorial    

XQJ Tutorial: An Introduction to the XQuery API for Java
The XQuery language is designed specifically for XML programming and data integration, and programmers are more productive using XQuery for these tasks. However, many enterprise applications are built on the Java platform, and often require functionality not found in XQuery; for instance, many XML programs need to use the Web Services functionality of J2EE. On the Java platform, XML is accessed and manipulated as a DOM tree, a SAX stream, or as a StAX stream. The XQuery API for Java, currently under development as JSR 225, lets programmers have the best of both worlds, using XQuery for XML programming and data integration, with full access to the J2SE and J2EE platforms. XQJ allows a Java program to connect to XML data sources, prepare and issue XQueries, and process the results as XML. This functionality is similar to that of JDBC® Java API for SQL, but the query language for XQJ is XQuery. This article shows how XQJ is used to issue XQueries and obtain results. Next, it shows how XQJ can be used to query DOM trees, perform joins between XML and relational sources, obtain results using StAX, and issue prepared XQueries (similar to JDBC's prepared statements). Finally, we show four complete, working XQJ programs, including one that uses StAX to handle output. These programs are based on the Early Draft Review of JSR-225, released in May 2004. Code examples were tested with a pre-release version of DataDirect XQuery™, which implements XQuery and XQJ.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 330  Category: Tutorial    

XQuery Tutorial
In this XQuery tutorial you will learn what XQuery is. You will learn how to use XQuery to extract data from your XML documents.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 643  Category: Tutorial    

XQuery Tutorial
This tutorial describes the use of different kinds of XQuery expressions by example. All the queries in this tutorial are based on the sample documents found here.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 423  Category: Tutorial    

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