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xsl Tutorials
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Apache Xalan
Apache Xalan is a popular open-source XSLT processing component developed by the Apache XML Foundation. Stylus Studio XSLT tools provide seamless integration with the Xalan XSLT Processor, enabling you to execute, debug, and optimize your XSLT stylesheets using the Xalan XSLT processor. No additional downloads are necessary — the latest version of Apache Xalan-J is bundled. This tutorial provides an overview of how to use the many features and functions in Stylus Studio that are geared towards accelerating development of Xalan applications including how to transform XML using XSLT stylesheets and Xalan.

Type: XSL  #Views: 351  Category: Tutorial    

EXSLT Tutorial
Stylus Studio's XSLT tools provide integrated authoring support for EXSLT — powerful extensions to XSLT 1.0 enabling you to automate and simplify many tasks including computing dates and times, performing mathematical computations, string manipulations and more. This tutorial provides a brief overview on how to configure Stylus Studio to use EXSLT in conjunction with various industry-standard XSLT processors including Apache Xalan-J and Saxon 6.5.

Type: XSL  #Views: 281  Category: Tutorial    

Working with XSLT
Stylus Studio provides many features for creating, updating, and applying XSL stylesheets. This tutorial covers the following topics:

Getting Started with XSLT, Tutorial: Understanding How Templates Work, Working with Stylesheets, Creating Stylesheets That Generate HTML, Specifying Extension Functions in Stylesheets, Working with Templates, Using Third-Party XSLT Processors, Validating Result Documents, Post-processing Result Documents, Generating Formatting Objects, Generating Scalable Vector Graphics, Generating Java Code for XSLT, XSLT Instructions Quick Reference

Type: XSL  #Views: 680  Category: Tutorial    

XSLT Tutorial
This is a beginner's tutorial on XSLT and XML. Selecting a structure for your data in XML is completely arbitrary. You can represent the same data in several different ways. Below is XML that represents the same data four different ways. The XML represents a Census record. A Census record has a country, a year, a small size, and a large size. This information can be represented by elements or elements and attributes.

Type: XSL  #Views: 1613  Category: Tutorial    

XSLT Extension Functions
XML and XSLT have done much in the way to ease processing chunks of data. No longer must we write custom parsers for each 'fixed field' layout we encounter which can become a maintenance nightmare. With XSLT, we can transform XML into another shape, for presentation or for another consumer process. When standard XSLT functionality is not enough, we can extend its reach by adding our own custom components.

Type: XSL  #Views: 532  Category: Tutorial    

An Introduction to XSLT
Using CSS to complement XSLT, however, is a powerful strategy for building Web pages - a strategy that splits presentation into what I call formatting and styling. Formatting can include basic HTML markup like headings, horizontal rules, lists, and the like. Styling, meantime, defines the visual properties of markup - its colors, sizes, widths, margins, bullet types, and so forth. Although the distinction between the two is not always clear-cut, formatting typically appears in the form of elements, styling information in the form of attribute-value pairs.

Type: XSL  #Views: 761  Category: Tutorial    

Using XSLT and XPath to Enhance HTML Documents
A Tutorial about XSLT and XPath.

Type: XSL  #Views: 519  Category: Tutorial    

Extensible Markup Language (XML) Tutorial - XSL Stylesheets
As content is separated from style, you may specify multiple views of an XML document. Stylesheets determine how information is to be presented in the document. The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) achieves this by transforming an XML source document into an XML result document that is suitable for display. XSL consists of three component languages.

Type: XSL  #Views: 539  Category: Tutorial    

Using PHP and XSL to Transform XML into Web Content
This tutorial is for developers who have been looking for ways to use XML to manage web content, and XSL to style and format that content. You should be familiar with XML, and having some experience with XSL would be helpful.

Type: XSL  #Views: 374  Category: Tutorial    

I Can See Clearly Now
Data is nice, but making it readable is even nicer. This is where XSL comes in. XSL like we stated before allows us to assign HTML tags so that it can be displayed on a website in a pretty form. XSL allows for a standard template to be created to which the data is later married. XSL contains a few functions for sorting and moving through the data.

Type: XSL  #Views: 350  Category: Tutorial    

Using XSL FO with XEP 3.0
This document gives a quick, learn-by-example introduction to XSL Formatting Objects. I don’t discuss subtle details of implementation, but rather provide a series of examples of how to perform routine tasks with XEP — an XSL formatter developed by RenderX, Inc. It is not a manual of XSL FO in general, and some examples given here may not work in other XSL FO formatters, or give different results.

Type: XSL  #Views: 270  Category: Tutorial    

An XSLT Tutorial
It should be pretty clear that a document entitled "An XSLT Tutorial" has the primary purpose of introducing you to (the basics of) XSLT! However, before we begin it is important for you to understand that, although this is the primary purpose of this tutorial, the writer has other agendas as well -- and, furthermore, does not want them to be hidden agendas.

Type: XSL  #Views: 432  Category: Tutorial    

XSL Concepts and Practical Use
A concise tutorial covering XSL concepts and practical usage. Includes advanced formatting objects and transformation topics, handy reference sections.

Type: XSL  #Views: 389  Category: Tutorial    

What's New in XSLT 2.0?
If what you seek is unparalleled power for transforming XML documents then you'll want to start using XSLT 2.0 in conjunction with XPath 2.0 and this session will help jump-start you. Timed to coincide with XSLT 2.0 achieving W3C Recommendation status by conference time.

Type: XSL  #Views: 244  Category: Tutorial    

What is XSLT? (I)
This first chapter examines the context of two W3C Recommendations -- Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and XML Path Language (XPath) -- within the growing family of Recommendations related to the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Type: XSL  #Views: 211  Category: Tutorial    

XSLT Tutorial for Web Services
This tutorial explores this form- or document-based Web Service client. Even though the basis for this model is XSLT, there are fortunately graphical mapper

Type: XSL  #Views: 333  Category: Tutorial    

Zvon XSLT Tutorial
XSLT stylesheet 1. XSLT stylesheet 2. XML Source. <source> <h1>GREETING</h1> <p>Hello, world!</p> </source>. Output. Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected.

Type: XSL  #Views: 260  Category: Tutorial    

Zvon XSLT Tutorial
Compare with XSLT stylesheet 2 and consult XSLT specification for more details. XSLT stylesheet 1. XML stylesheet>. XSLT stylesheet 2.

Type: XSL  #Views: 259  Category: Tutorial    

Zvon XSLT Tutorial
ID. Several id's can be provided at once ( XSLT stylesheet 3 ). XSLT stylesheet 1. XML Source. xsl:stylesheet>. XSLT stylesheet 2. XML

Type: XSL  #Views: 232  Category: Tutorial    

Zvon XSLT Tutorial
Order of sorting determines order attribute. XSLT stylesheet 1 sorts in ascending and XSLT stylesheet 2 in descending mode. XSLT stylesheet 1. XSLT stylesheet 2.

Type: XSL  #Views: 229  Category: Tutorial    

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