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xschema Tutorials
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XML Schema Development Tutorial
This tutorial covers: What Is an XML Schema? Creating an XML Schema in Stylus Studio, working with and editing XML Schemas, getting started with XML Schema in the tree view, defining simpleTypes in XML Schemas, defining complexTypes in XML Schemas, defining elements and Attributes in XML Schemas, defining groups of elements and attributes in XML Schemas, adding comments, annotation, and documentation nodes to XML Schemas, defining XML Schema notations and annotations, referencing and including external XML Schemas, generating XML schema documentation, and specifying XML Schema properties.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 561  Category: Tutorial    

XML Schema Tutorial
This XML Schema tutorial covers a technical overview of builing XML schemas, which can make it much easier to both validate an XML document (check to make sure that its data is at least internally consistent) and to better map XML documents to binary data structures used in traditional programming.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 481  Category: Tutorial    

OASIS Catalogs Tutorial (Industry Standard DTD and XML Schemas)
OASIS XML Catalogs provide location-transparency. No longer do you have to worry about fixing the references to C:\db44\docbookx.dtd in 4000 XML files when docbookx.dtd migrates to a new server - by employing just one development catalog and one deployment catalog, which need differ by only a few lines, you can make those troubles disappear. Magic? Well, not quite, but OASIS Catalogs are a mystery to many. In this tutorial, Tony Lavinio, Stylus Studio Principal Engineer and (not coincidentally) architect and engineer behind Stylus Studio's OASIS Catalog support, describes how using OASIS catalogs can make your project's transition from the lab to the real world a wee bit smoother.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 381  Category: Tutorial    

Lesson 6: Authoring XML Schemas
An XML Schema is an XML-based syntax for defining how an XML document is marked up. XML Schema is a schema specification recommended by Microsoft and it has many advantages over document type definition (DTD), the initial schema specification for defining an XML model. DTDs have many drawbacks, including the use of non-XML syntax, no support for datatyping, and non-extensibility. For example, DTDs do not allow you to define element content as anything other than another element or a string. For more information about DTDs, see the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Recommendation. XML Schema improves upon DTDs in several ways, including the use of XML syntax, andsupport for datatyping and namespaces. For example, an XML Schema allows you to specify an element as an integer, a float, a Boolean, a URL, and so on.

Type: XSchema  #Views: 366  Category: Tutorial    

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