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New Links-SVG
Dan Bogaard's SVG Site. KevLinDev SVG Tutorials. Real-World SVG ( SVG Tutorial. The Art Is in the Code (webmonkey). W3C SVG Standards.

Type: SVG  #Views: 298  Category: Website    

SVG Toolkit
... The CMIS SVG team now has two projects. Our original Java Open Source SVG Toolkit
and a new Pocket SVG Viewer specifically designed for handheld devices. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 276  Category: Website    

... fixed. SVGZ SUPPORT 2002-04-19 22:47:14 by Rob Buis We have been trying
to add support for loading gzipped svg files seamlessly. Niko ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 272  Category: Website    

mozilla svg samples
Mozilla SVG Samples. This site contains samples for Mozilla browsers
with native SVG support. For ... SVG samples and screenshots. If ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 361  Category: Website    

SVG Open Conferences
2004 will be held in Tokyo and organised by Keio University
and Canon More Information soon on these pages. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 247  Category: Website    

... Output formats currently supported include PDF, PCL, PS, SVG, XML (area tree representation),
Print, AWT, MIF and TXT. The primary output target is PDF. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 229  Category: Website    

Yahoo Groups
This is a mailing list and web forum for anyone who is interested in developing content in the new SVG format from the W3C.

Type: SVG  #Views: 173  Category: Website    

SVGFont is a Java application that generates SVG font definitions from TrueType fonts. A character sub-range can be specified to control the number of glyphs generated, thus allowing the smallest possible SVG font file. Included is a companion servlet, which allows a web server to satisfy font requests on demand. Also, it has the ability to render text in a specified font to an SVG file (without the actual font definition being included).

Type: SVG  #Views: 225  Category: Website    

Burning Pixel Productions
Site talks about everything SVG; specifications, links, tools and examples.

Type: SVG  #Views: 255  Category: Website    

SVG Elves
SVG Developer Community. A must for every SVG developer, great articles, tutorials, links and resources.

Type: SVG  #Views: 237  Category: Website    

Accelerate your Java graphics development today! JLOOX is the best-in-class graphics toolkit for Java 2 developers. Based on Java2D, JLOOX provides a high-level 100% Java API that offers breakthrough performance and productivity gains for developers of graphics intensive Swing applications. It is ideal for applications requiring highly graphical displays such as networking and telecommunications, transportation management systems, process control and simulation. Download and preview!

Type: SVG  #Views: 259  Category: Website    

SVG Mapper
SVGMapper is an extension for ArcView GIS (3.x) for exporting the View into SVG. Publish your maps created with ArcView GIS on WWW or CD-ROM with new technology. Files generated by SVGMapper are design to display with Adobe SVG Viewer 2.0. Examples included.

Type: SVG  #Views: 245  Category: Website    

CR2V is a raster to vector converter that exports to PostScript and SVG. Raster images made from pixels acquired from scanner or CCD camera can be translated into scalable geometric shapes. It recognizes all major raster formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF).

Type: SVG  #Views: 390  Category: Website    

DBx Geomatics
A great site for SVG developers. Has a lot of resources, demos, links and news to get you going.

Type: SVG  #Views: 161  Category: Website mail mail archives.

Type: SVG  #Views: 134  Category: Website
Great site, has some examples of SVG animations and interactive schematics.

Type: SVG  #Views: 180  Category: Website    

Carto:net - cartographers on the net
A detailed page on SVG, including history of the SVG specification, and the potential of SVG for cartographic applications. A number of useful examples can be seen on linked pages. Site can be translated to French and Dutch.

Type: SVG  #Views: 173  Category: Website    

This site has a great introduction to some SVG tools and methods for creating wireline log composite graphics displays. Very nice one there!

Type: SVG  #Views: 159  Category: Website    

fds for SVG, bitmap to SVG converter
This is a tool to convert a bitmap image into a SVG image running on Windows. This tool is one of the research results on function approximation carried out at PADC Lab., University of Tsukuba.

Type: SVG  #Views: 316  Category: Website    

IONIC SVG Renderer
IONIC Software Java SVG renderer is a Java beans to render a SVG file and create an image in a specified format, like gif, jpeg, png or wbmp (wap). You can test SVG samples or your own SVG files online free.

Type: SVG  #Views: 287  Category: Website    

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