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XML and SQL 2000 (Part 3)


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In the third article of this series, we will look into executing T-SQL statements against SQL Server 2000 via HTTP. This functionality is provided by SQLXML component (implemented in the form of SQLISAPI.DLL, which is included as part of SQL Server 2000 installation). The updated versions of this component are available as a separate download from the Microsoft Web Site. By installing this component on the web server, you will be able to associate its virtual directories with individual databases on the SQL server. This allows users to access the databases by using the http://webserver/virtualdirectory path, where webserver is an IP address or name of the Web server and virtualdirectory is the name assigned to the virtual directory. The management of these virtual directories is handled with the IIS Virtual Directory Management for SQL Server tool (for SQLXML version included with SQL Server 2000) or with the Configure IIS Support tool (for downloadable SQLXML 2.0 and 3.0 versions).


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