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XML Development Primer


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Stylus Studio 2006 is an integrated development environment (IDE) for XML and related technologies. Stylus Studio allows you to design, develop, and test XML applications using its intuitive graphical interface, textual editors, and debuggers for XML, XML Schema, DTD, XQuery, XSLT, Web services, and Java. This XML development primer covers:

* Stylus Studio Editions * Starting Stylus Studio * Updating an XML Document-Getting Started * Working with Stylesheets - Getting Started * Stylesheets That Generate HTML - Getting Started * Using the XSLT Mapper - Getting Started * Debugging Stylesheets - Getting Started * Defining a DTD - Getting Started * Defining an XML Schema Using the Diagram Tab - Getting Started * Opening Files in Stylus Studio * Working with Projects * Customizing Tool Bars * Specifying Stylus Studio Options * Defining Keyboard Shortcuts * Using Stylus Studio from the Command Line * Managing Stylus Studio Performance * Configuring Java Components


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