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Background Screening and Security Issues


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This new web-based software application can assist companies and businesses in retrieving all the information they need for a thorough background check on their employees. Reports are typically returned in less than 48 hours. The background checking service verifies such information as: Employment History Dates of employment and position held Job performance and reason for leaving Pay rate Residential Address History County Criminal Records County level Felony and misdemeanor criminal history Based on zip codes provided by applicant State and Federal Criminal Records Name check for criminal history at State and Federal level repositories County and Federal Civil Records County and Federal records check for lawsuit involvement Liens and Judgment History Workers Compensation Search Discovery of any workers compensation claims in a particular state Social Security Number Verification Validate SSN and applicant's legal name Credit Report Credit History report covering previous seven years DMV Record Verify valid driver's license Identify derogatory driving history (traffic tickets, accidents, DWIs) US Bankruptcy Search Federal index search for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings Formal Education and Degree Verification Degree and date earned (or in progress) GPA. Contact to verify Military Record U.S. Military service records Rank and discharge status Professional License and Certification Verification Type of license, status, date of issue, expiration, and any noted disciplinary action Professional References Telephone interviews of references to verify applicant's work performance and character Drug Screening Applicant drug testing (outsourced to lab)


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