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Elixir Perspective - Navigation and Visualization


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Elixir Perspective meets the information needs of corporate users to navigate and visualize live enterprise-wide data, empowering the decision makers with timely, accurate, and actionable information. With flexibility in mind, Power Users can dynamically customize the views and contents to adapt to changing business requirements. Various performance management applications for measuring and monitoring business activities can be developed and customized to suit changing requirements without long development cycle or deep technical know-how. Corporates can truly be enabled to become an Information Enterprise, where every user can leverage the information available for competitive advantages. Elixir Perspective Information Dashboard for Navigating and Visualizing Enterprise Data * Develop and Deploy Information Dashboard for Effective Performance Management * Navigate Contents with Table, Cube, Chart and Report Views laid out on Cards * Analyze with Dynamic Cube with User Definable Dimensions and Measures * Extract and Present Information with Professionally Generated Reports


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