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SQLfX® Beta Transparent Hierarchical XML Integration


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Advanced Data Access Technologies, Inc. will be releasing its beta ANSI SQL Transparent Hierarchical XML middleware enabler beta product, SQLfX®, soon for testing. This ANSI SQL driven middleware product sits around your SQL processor and automatically enables it to transparently integrate with XML at a full nonlinear (multi-leg) hierarchical processing level. XML support in your SQL processor is not necessary. SQLfX® is ANSI SQL-92 standard, operates from input to output using principled nonlinear hierarchical processing, and outputs fully structured XML automatically. These are hierarchically accurate and ANSI SQL mathematically sound results. The user does not need to navigate the structure and needs no structure knowledge of the structures involved. With the XML integration operating transparently, the user does not need to know XML or require vendor XML training resulting in a very high ROI, and reduced risk and time to market. Hierarchical structures (XML and relational) can be hierarchical combined using a single simple ANSI SQL join operation. This and all XML operations are supported dynamically and nonprocedurally allowing for practical interactive operation further increasing SQLfX®'s usefulness and ROI. The relational mindset of the SQL industry has kept XML processing limited to linear single path processing that also requires navigation, visit our SQLfX® beta documentation now at to see actual examples of transparent, navigationless XML processing at a powerful nonlinear hierarchical level driven by a standard ANSI SQL processor.


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