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Elixir Report - Presentation and Delivery

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Going beyond the conventional reporting set, Elixir Report comes built-in with a data aggregation and transformation engine to enable complex data processing including Cube transformation and data cleaning. With newly enhanced advanced internationalization support, Elixir Report pushes the envelope for multi-lingual support to enable enterprises tapping into the increasingly globalized markets. Numerous innovative report layout controls deliver unsurpassed power to report developers, while keeping the ease of use and maintenance in balance. Sporting a next generation Unified Business Intelligence Architecture, Elixir Report Server can be readily deployed to any major operating systems, integrating with various front end applications through Java, .NET, or web interface. Leveraging its high performance scalability and availability, enterprise of all sizes can truly deliver actionable information to users both internal and external, for all operational and managerial reporting needs. Elixir Report empowers developers and power users with its rich functionality and versatility to address the information needs of a globalized market. It brings together a balance in power and ease of use for creating informative and maintainable reports. * Enterprise Reporting for Web, Softcopy, Print and Mobile Delivery * Rich Graphical Elements and Intuitive Report Layout Control * Multi-lingual Reporting with Advanced Multi-Directional Rendering * Includes Elixir Ensemble functions for Extraction, Aggregation, and Transformation

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