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XML Encoding Wizard


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It's easy to change the underlying file encoding using Stylus Studio's XML encoding tools - Just pick Edit -> Change Encoding -> [Pick new file encoding, eg: Unicode]. Thousands of different encodings and character sets are supported, including: ASCII, Double Byte Character Set, HZ, ISO 2022, LBMCS-1, LBMCS-2, LBMCS-3, LBMCS-4, LBMCS-5, LBMCS-6, LBMCS-8, LBMCS-11, LBMCS-16, LBMCS-17, LBMCS-18, LBMCS-19, Latin-1, Multi Byte Character Set, SCSU, Single Byte Character Set, UTF16, UTF32, UTF7, UTF8 (i.e. Unicode). The XML Encoding tool simplifies working with different character encodings - a situation that shows up in any internationalization (i18n) work.


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