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Elixir Ensemble - Aggregation and Transformation


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Elixir Ensemble™ is designed to provide on-demand, self-serviced data manipulation for business users as well as for enterprise level data processing needs. Its visual-modeling paradigm drastically reduces the time required to design, test and implement data extraction, aggregation and transformation - a critical process for any application processing, enterprise reporting and performance measurement, data mart or data warehousing initiatives. Ready for web-based deployment, Elixir Ensemble allows business users to quickly obtain the critical information for their business decisions and operational needs, freeing up the IT group to focus on enterprise level IT issues - the way it should have always been. Designed to provide on-demand, self-serviced data manipulation for business user as well as for enterprise level data processing needs. * Supports Wide Range of Data Sources from Databases, Text, Microsoft Excel, XML as well as Objects for Application Data or Custom Data Sources * Self-Serviced Data Access with Security through Platform Independent and Non-Intrusive File-Based Repository * Visual Drag-and-Drop Data Aggregation and Transformation for Heterogeneous Data Sources * Deliver data as "Round-Trip" ETL to various data sources supported, including databases for datawarehouse or datamart, output formats like text, Microsoft Excel, XML or in-memory objects, or as direct data input for reporting and dashboard with Elixir suite of products


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