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Advertising on offers many advertising options that can be highly customized to suit the needs of any webmaster-related business. We offer a wide range of advertising spots on our site. We can also custom tailor an advertising solution to meet your personalized needs. All of our advertising slots offer excellent exposure and click through rates.


Traffic Statistics
Page Views Per Month 140,000+
Visitors Per Month 30,000+

Ad Positions and Pricing

120x600 on right-hand column
1 Month $400
3 Months $1000
6 Months $2000

468x60 Banner Ad on Top or Bottom
Period Price
1 Month $200
3 Months $500
6 Months $900

100 x 30 on right-hand column
1 Month $100
3 Months $200
6 Months $500

125 x 125 on right-hand column
1 Month $150
3 Months $400
6 Months $700

Premier Search Placement
Period Price
1 Month $100/category
3 Months $200/category
6 Months $500/category

Text Links
Period Price
1 Month $300/link
3 Months $800/link
6 Months $1500/link

Advertisements will rotate among no more than 5 advertisers

Please note that full payment is required in advance of any advertising packages. We support the following methos of Payment

Pay By Check
   Money Order/Check in US$  can be made out to:
   AccuWeb Data Solutions
   2801 Florida Ave #225
   Miami, FL 33133

   To pay via PayPal, please send Payments to the id of ""

Credit Card
   Unfortunately we are currently not accepting credit card    payments at this time

If you're interested in advertising with, or have an idea for a unique advertising campaign, please e-mail us at  to talk with a sales representitive

     Kindest regards,
          David Silverlight

Fans of "The Office"
Dwight Bobbleheads are here!
  “It's me! I'm the bobblehead! Yes!”

Advertise on XMLPitstop

Advertise on XMLPitstop

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