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To grok (pronounced GRAHK) something is to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself. In Robert Heinlein's science-fiction novel of 1961, Stranger in a Strange Land, the word is Martian and literally means "to drink" but metaphorically means "to take it all in," to understand fully, or to "be at one with."

<June 2005>



No squirrels were harmed in the making of this cartoon.

I have had the fortune to work with some twisted technical folks in the past.  They definitely make the work day go by by so much faster with an offbeat take on reality.  I am currently working on a project with a friend of mine, Joshua Newman, who fits that category.  In addition to his technical skills, he is one of the folks that should have his own cartoon series.  In the meanwhile, I guess he will entertain us with his temporary cartoons that are drawn on the bulletin board in marker.  I was fortunate enough, though, to have him create an image of one of his cartoons which I will share with you here.  This one is a bit twisted, so I will let you think about it a bit before scrolling down to see my explanation of it.







Hint 1:  Hmmmm.... A squirrel and a round spiked ball.....what could it mean?





Hint 2: When somebody gives you a present, what is one of the first things you do to guess what it is......You shake it.






Hint 3:  Okay, no more hints....If you haven't picked up on the twisted, warped, politically incorred humor in this cartoon, then you probably would end up calling the ASPCA anyway.

posted on Sunday, June 05, 2005 6:01 PM by admin

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