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Got Code? Come out to the South Florida CodeCamp

If you are in the South Florida area on February 4th, be sure not to miss the South Florida Code Camp.  The beautiful thing about CodeCamp is that you get to hear about the latest technology from the local talent in the area.  That's right, straight from the developers who are using the technology day in and day out.  The true benefit from hearing the perspective of somebody who is using it, is that you get to learn the real Do's and Dont's, the "gotchas" as well as seeing implementations of the latest and greatest technologies.  There is really no better perspective than one offered from somebody using a product first hand.  I will be giving 3 sessions:

Session 1:  XML Rocks in SQL Server 2005:   If you are a .NET Developer or DBA, you will definitely not want to miss this session.  In this session, I will cover the new XML-Related features in SQL Server 2005.  As you may know, SQL Server 2005 has just been officially released and some of the most exciting features behind it demonstrate true XML integration and querying capabilities built directly into the engine. Although XML functionality existed in the past, you will find significant enhancements in the level of XML Integration that SQL Server 2005 offers. David will be covering numerous examples of queries that demonstrate the new features like:

a) The integration of  XQuery for both filtering you XML data.  Yes, you can truly query XML data now.
b) Showing how XQuery can be used to update, insert and delete existing XML Data.
c) New SQL Server objects like the Schema and Namespace objects and collections.
d) The new data type: XML.  Yes, now you can store XML in a way that SQL Server actually respects it as an xml object.  In the past, your only option was to store your XML as one big blob of text.
e) XML Indexing and creation nested XML Structures
f) The Content and Document keywords and how they are used to store XML Documents and/or XML Fragments.
g) and so much more, with a heavy emphasis on walking through the queries and their results.
If you take anything away from this session, you will see that SQL Server 2005 shows very much of a matured support for XML.

Session 2: I.T. Interviewing Workshop: Want to Ace your next I.T. job interview? Learn why only 20% of the interview depends on the technical content of your answers. Your non-verbal communication and body language can make all the difference in your interview outcome. Participate in interview role playing with your peers and I.T. interview experts, Alex Funkhouser and David Silverlight.

Session 3: For Love or Money: Your IT Career: Must Love and Money be mutually exclusive in your I.T. career?
- Contracting at the cutting edge of technology is exciting and produces great rates. But what happens when the contract ends and the mortgage payments must continue?
- Maintaining a steady job with a direct deposit salary is comforting. But do you ever feel technologically “stuck” at your job when so many other I.T. professionals are learning and using the latest, most marketable technologies?
In this seminar session, you will learn multiple I.T. career strategies for maximizing both the Love and the Money of your multidimensional I.T. career.

Here are some important CodeCamp links:

South Florida .NET Code Camp website:

Joe Healy's Devfish site: It includes information about this codecamp and other upcoming Code Camps.

Russ's Toolshed:  Russ will be holding a .NET Pub Club right after the event. This post Code Camp is not to be missed.  You can have an opportunity to chat with your fellow developers, event speakers, Joe Healy, Russ and more  I have been to many Pub Club events and they are a blast (and a good networking opportunity to boot).

Community Credit: If you attend the event, you will gain 5,000 Community Credit  points for attending this special event.  Just log them on the points submission page



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