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<February 2006>



Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Petition - The full story.

Have you ever come up with a really offbeat idea?  I get them all of the time, but unlike others who have the sense to keep their ideas to themselves, I tend to bring them to reality.  Not surprisingly, it doesn't always work in my best interest.  Well, my latest idea was to create a "Dwight Schrute Bobblhead Petition".  Now, before I continue, let me offer some background so that you can fully appreciate this in case you have never seen the show.  Dwight Schrute is a character on my favorite TV Show, The Office. My 2nd favorite show is "My Name is Earl" and that is about my extent of TV watching.   If you have not seen "The Office", it is kind of a cross between Office Space and Dilbert.  It is shot in the format of a documentary, and is filled with brilliantly offbeat characters, alot of awkward silences and always makes me laugh out loud several times in each episode.  Dwight Schrute is one of the funniest characters on the show and is somewhat of an uptight, office gestapo type.  He is often the butt of practical jokes, including putting his desk items in Jello, putting his desk items and wallet in the vending machine (he had to buy them back).   Overall, it is just a hilarious show, with characters that anybody working in an office can really appreciate and relate to.

The Dwight Bobblehead was a Valentines Day gift to him from his equally uptight girlfriend on the "Valentines Day Episode" .  They are actually involved in a secret office romance.  As soon as I saw it, I thought that it would be great to have a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead to add to my own collection of completely useless, but really geeky collectibles (commonly referred to as junk).  The next day I started searching around and, alas, no BobbleHead existed .  There were, however,  tons of postings asking, "How do I get a Dwight Bobblehead?".  Well, at least I was not alone.  I just assumed that by showing it on the show, it was NBC's way of subtly promoting some new merchandise.  Well, I guess I was wrong because it just doesn't exist. So, the idea came to me.....  I created a "Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Petition" and added a couple of posts on some fan sites to give it some exposure. 

Well, the reaction at first was average, I guess, with about 25 or 50 signatures on each of the first few days.  Then, it happened.  Other sites started linking to it and I started getting tons of signatures.  Probably the biggest one is  GorillaMask.net .  At first, I thought that it was somebody spamming my petition.  I was getting about 2 or 3 signatures per minute for hour after hour.  Easily over 800 signatures were added in just one day, just from GorillaMask.net alone.   I checked my web stats and saw that the visitors were mostly unique and not just one person with more free time than me.  In the end, I took a rather low tech solution to find the source of the signatures.  I simply added a textbox asking "How did you find out about this petition?".   People told me the sites they found it on. Then after doing other searching, there were others.  LifeInTheOffice was another site that alot of folks used to find the petition.  No surpise, it is a really professionally built fan site with great content.  Thanks for the love, LITO!!!  Today, the total signatures is over 1300 and probably almost 20 links across the web to the petition.

All, in all, it turned out to be a complete blast!!!  Just a lot of fun, especially reading people's comments.  Below, I would like to share some of the funniest comments that people have left. More to come...

  • Everyone has a Dwight in their office, so why not produce a miniature one we can all slap around without being fired????
  • Oh behalf of all collar-blind people, I'd really like a bobblehead to be available for purchase.
  • I wish I could drive out to NBC studios to get one, but I just vomited all over my firebird.
  • I would run to go get a Dwight bobblehead but I burned my foot on the George Forman this morning!
  • WOW. I had thought the exact same thing, but never thought there were other out there like me!!
  • I NEED a Dwight Bobblehead!! NEED!!
  • If the David Silverlight bobblehead is not available, then I'd settle for Dwight Schrute bobblehead.
  • good god man, this must happen
  • QUESTION - will there be a special edition karate Dwight?
  • Dwight is NOT an Assistant Manager, he is an Assistant to the Manager!!! ME!!!  He does not deserve a doll, I DO! (this one apparently submitted by Michael Scott)
  • it is imperative to make this available in order to ensure the continued promulgation of the DS Fan Club on the Federal Level.  In this age of smaller government and continued cuts to vital programs, the DS Bobblehead has the unique potential of leading federal workers to new heights enabling them to enhance the federal structure sufficiently to enact major reductions to the federal deficit, relieve the burden on Americans suffering the results of natural disasters and reduce the tax burden.  This must be done!!
  • I love The Office, and searched for the bobblehead right when the show was over...


posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 12:14 PM by admin

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