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<March 2006>



CodeCamp Orlando comes with a Community Credit Surprise

Orlando Code Camp is right around the corner.  March 25th, in fact, which is just over three weeks away.  The excitement is building and it is sure to be an event that you won't want to miss!   I will be there, as well,  giving a couple of sessions if you should want to meet up and talk shop.   If you have never been to a CodeCamp, it is an All Day Developer Geekfest.  The speakers at Code Camps are primarily local talent, and the ones that present are those developers that have really established themselves as authorities in their fields.  Many are authors, MVPs, User Group leaders and, in general, Geeks that really love technology and love to share it even more.  As much as I would love to name a few speakers that really stand out from the crowd, essentially all of the speakers are top notch and seasoned presenters.  Take a look at the list of presenters to see what I mean.

If you happen to contribute to the development community and log your contributions in Community Credit this month, you can participate in a raffle for a Hewlett Packard GPS Bluetooth Receiver.  To be eligiable for the raffle, simply log 10,000 points in community credit.  This can be done pretty easily if you answer questions on discussion boards, write an article or example, blog alot, attend user group meetings and any other type of contributions that we all make.  Here is a full list of the contributions and their points values. This raffle is being made possible by the generous contributions of Joe Healy.  Thanks Joe. 

In short, a raffle, great speakers, great topics, lots of schwag to be had by all.  How could you not go?

posted on Thursday, March 02, 2006 6:16 PM by admin

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