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Reply: Regarding Schema Namespace ()

Date Posted:12/20/2006 9:24 AM
Posted by:
Mike Parker

   I am looking at tutorials for XML schemas.

The example xml code is listed below. I have had troubles digesting the meaning/purpose of the "namespace for the XML Schema Recommendation". I went to the address that is listed for this example, , and see that it is a documentation page. My question is, do i need to include the  <schema xmlns =  > attribute, or is this just  documentation which is used by convention. (thank you very much for any input)

<?xml version = "1.0" ?>

<schema xmlns = "">

   <element name = "Customer">



            <element name = "FirstName" type = "string" />

            <element name = "MiddleInitial" type = "string" />

            <element name = "LastName" type = "string" />





Date Posted:12/21/2006 3:44 PM
Posted by:
Gerald Schmidt
The namespace declaration is necessary. If, as in your case, the root element defines the default namespace xmlns="", the parser prefixes each tag in your document with the string

Namespace-aware parsers will now report the start tag <element>, for example,  as <>. Without, the xmlns attribute, <element> would not be recognised and the schema itself would be invalid.

Similarly, if you begin the schema as follows:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="" elementFormDefault="qualified">

A namespace-aware parser will report the start tag <xs:element> as <>.

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