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Reply: Deciding on the best design pattern

Date Posted:1/29/2007 2:42 PM
Posted by:
bandi ravi
Context: XML is used as a DB to maintain thousands of links. (This is done so to make the system flexible enough for any future changes).The list is absolute and no user can have any thing out of this. So it was decided to maintain the parsed stream as a singleton. The data in singlton's instance is to be filtered and presented.
Filtering is done based on some conditions as below.
condition 1: for all user_type="registered" schemes are to be fetched.
for all user_type="registered" and sheme="a" various credits are available.
for all scheme_type="economical" credit="entertainment" some other choices are to be made.

What can be the ideal design pattern used for some requirement as above.

As the XML is not repeatedly parsed what can be ideal design to use the stream for multiple queries.

Thanks so much.

Due to my illiteracy on this google results were not attempted.

Once again thanks a lot for your time.

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