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Reply: Please tell us a little bit about yourself

Date Posted:12/22/2004 9:01 AM
Posted by:
David Silverlight
Hello Everybody,

Please use this area to tell a little bit about yourself, what your areas of interest are, technical background, what you would like to benefit from NonProfitWays and anything else that you would like to share.

Kindest regards,
David Silverlight

Date Posted:12/27/2004 12:35 AM
Posted by:
cheryl boxie scott

I would like to introduce myself; I have several years of working in the technical arena. I have taken a few years off to raise a family. Now they are older 9, 6 and 3; and I can get back to work related activities. I recently became certified in 3 of Microsoft Business Solutions products and I looking forward to working with those. I have always had an interest to volunteer to help people using what I like doing -information technology. What I would like to get out of this is the ability to network with other peers. To keep current with technology changes, and to find an avenue to help others using what I know. I have been playing around with building websites using FrontPage 2002 and found it to be quite interesting. I have some flexibility in my schedule, not much but I would like to use some of it to help. This forum looks like it would be a great place to do some of the things I mentioned previously.Well that is it for now..Have a great holiday..

Date Posted:6/13/2005 8:16 AM
Posted by:
Richard Schuster

Hello All,

My name is Richard Schuster.  I've been a software developer for many years, the last ten or so working with object oriented design, C++ and MFC, with both SQL Server and Oracle databases.  My experience covers a range of industries from financial services to telecommunications.  Over the last year or so I have been learning ASP.NET/C# on my own, working through case studies.  This opportunity to get hands on experience, and at the same time learn from an extensive group of like-minded professionals and also get involved in our community seems like a perfect chance to extend and share my skills.  As I have also spent 5 years teaching programming and business quantitative analysis at Lynn University in Boca Raton (when it was College of Boca Raton) and another 5 in the NYC public school system, I also take great pleasure teaching what I know to others willing to learn and grow. 
I'm excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting all of you on these projects.

Date Posted:6/13/2005 4:07 PM
Posted by:
Eduardo Blumenfeld
Hello everyone,

My name is Eduardo Blumenfeld. I've been in IT/Computers/Programming since 1976. I'm coming from Argentina originally, where I have an old DOS - Clipper/FoxPro system designed entirely from bottom-up for POS/Administration installed in several hundred locations. I would like to have hands-on experience in an ASP project.
I was always involved in the Non Profit world and find It very rewarding personally.
I would love to learn from all the incredible professionals that are in this group through serving the community at the same time .

Date Posted:6/20/2005 10:39 PM
Posted by:
Paul Batignani
Hi Everyone,
My name is Paul Batignani. I've been programming Windows database applications in Access and Visual Basic 5/6 using ADO for the last 8 years, administering and developing SQL Server 2000 for the last 5 years and Crystal Reports for the last 2 years. The VS 2005 meeting on 6/9 was my first Users Group meeting and I was glad to be there. I am looking forward to becoming more active in the Users Group.

I know it's a little late, but I'm just getting into .NET. My previous web experience has been coding HTML and ASP with a text editor (and some Dreamweaver).

I may not have the web development experience, but I'm pretty good with the back-end database stuff, forms and reports. I'm hoping I will be able to learn more about VB.NET and ASP.NET as well as do some good for the community by contributing to NotProfitWays. Growing up in a construction family, my previous non-profit experience is with Habitat for Humanity, and now to join NPW to build virtual homes, the irony is not lost. There is something very fullfilling about building something for people who otherwise could not. 

Thank you,


Date Posted:6/21/2005 9:49 AM
Posted by:
Steve Schoonover
Hello Everyone,
         It seems most everyone has a Microsoft back ground. Well I come from the other world called IBM. I have been a developer on an AS400 for the last Twenty years. I have written all kinds of applications in RPGLE and COBOL with embeded SQL. I have written strored procedures to retrieve data from an AS400. I have been studying .Net on my own since Visual Studio Beta 1. I did a 30 page ASP.Net Site for a friends company which has links to other pages, pictures a page with all parts the company can work on and I created a login page where clients can login and check the status of an order. I also wrote a data caching module that will either go to the server and load data or retrieve it from memory. I used VB.Net for the code behind. I am sure there are better ways to do things than the way I did them and that is why I want to learn from experts in the Microsoft world.

I still am trying to understand all of the new terminology and how to do things the right way in code. I have also had SQL2000 Reporting Service Traning. Things seem so easy to do in VB.Net once you find the right example of code, but it seems it takes hours of research on google to find an example of what I am trying to do.

I have also written some small programs in C# and I find the same frustration of finding the right examples. I am a quick learner and I am looking forward to increasing my skills in the .Net world and be able to develop the presentation, business, and data layer. I have also written Stored procedures in SQL 2000 and  I am looking forward to learning more about that also.


Steven Schoonover

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Republic Services, Inc.

(954) 583-3151 Ext. 242


Date Posted:6/21/2005 1:43 PM
Posted by:
Bill Dever
Hello everyone,

I've been programming in some capacity for a good part of my life. My
first project was a billing system developed in Applesoft Basic. Since
then I've been involved in Windows, Web and PDA projects using dBase,
MS Access, SQL Server, Coldfusion, VB6 and in the past few years a bit
of .NET. I guess the benefit I see in joining NonProfitWays is
continued growth as a professional and there is some satisfaction in
being part of something that makes a difference in peoples lives.


Date Posted:6/21/2005 10:10 PM
Posted by:
Wayne Magnum

Hello Everyone,

My name is Wayne Magnum and I have been involved in the IT field for just over 2 years. I have done a lot of programming at the company that I’m currently employed at. As the only developer within the company with just two years experience I have done all of programming using my methods. What I am look to get out of NPW is more experience with on how programming is done with more experienced programmers while also learning the business logic. I am also seeking to expand my knowledge in my profession. My area of experience is in VB.Net, ASP.NET and SQL 2000.

-Wayne Magnum

Date Posted:6/25/2005 12:20 AM
Posted by:
Al Dominguez

Hello all:

My name is Al, and for the past 15 years I've been working primarily as a network/desktop support engineer; my current working contract is also networking support. But I have to admit software development results very attractive, and I'd like to get more hands-on with some projects.

This June, I finally had the fortune to complete a college degree; majoring on software engineering. Our curriculum involved OOP, OOD, .NET technologies (VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, and web Services), and basic database design + Db development with MS SQL.
Unfortunately, my development background is strictly academic; and with the exception of a brief contract job as junior developer - which lasted just a few weeks -, I really don't have much experience.

For a while I've been looking for an organization similar to NonProfitWays, and finally a friend pointed me on the right direction. I'm willing to put as much effort and time into different projects, contribute to good causes, and of course, learn cool development techniques.

If possible, I'd like for someone to get in contact with me to talk more about some opportunities with existing projects.

Best regards to all,


Date Posted:6/25/2005 12:39 PM
Posted by:
Dan Rhea
Greetings everyone,

My name is Dan Rhea (pronounced "Ray"). Over the last 6 years my
developmeent time has been split between Delphi, VB 4, VB 6, HTML and C
(on Linux) programming and using Oracle SQL. Needless to say, I'm way
behind the curve when it comes to anything .Net or SQL Server related.
I also keep running into the trap of "we want you to do/work on a C/C++
project... only to find that it's really C that uses "cout", "cin" and
maybe the string class. It's frustrating.

Now that I'm on an active job search (outsourcing related lay-off),
I've no discovered that the market wants .Net, SQL Server (not Oracle),
real C++ "grin" and Java. As a result, I have decided to dive headlong
into .Net (VB.Net and SQL Server 2005 so far... soon to add ASP.Net). I
have back burnered Java and C++ for now (I know C++, I'm just rusty at
it after 6 or more years away from it). I have also been getting
nibbles about Delphi, but most of them want SQL Server experence too.

So... If my questions seem a bit off or strange, blame it Borland or Oracle "grin".

Other than that... I've been in IT for over 20 years and have had four
employers in that entire time. Advice from contractors will be very
welcome since it looks like I'm going to have to look into that
sector... I've avoided it so far, but the market has become so
competitive I don't think I have that luxury anymore.

On the education front... I have a Florida G.E.D. (I blew the top end
of the curve when I took it though... so there!). I have unfortunatly
not had the time or resources to devote to getting a degree (so far).

Fortunatly I've become very good at quickly retraining myself when my
skill set goes out of date (my tech library here in my home office
looks like "The history of software development", with everything from
books on Clipper, Clarion, Fortran77 all the way out to SQL Server 2005
and various .Net and Java books). I will probably be taking some
professional training courses this time around though (just to speed up
the process... and the fact that I can afford it this time around).

I think I've babbled enough for now...

Dan Rhea

Software Developer

Date Posted:6/25/2005 2:02 PM
Posted by:
mikael bergkvist
My name is Mikael Bergkvist and I work for Naltabyte.
It's playing with words in swedish, and it can be read as 'microsoft' in northern parts of sweden.
- That was not intended, it was an accident, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

I started out doing comics actually, and for most of my proffesional life I has, and when that market crashed, I filed 3 xml patents and started naltabyte the year 2000.

I had never even touched a computer before the year 2000, when my company started, so I had to learn pretty darn fast.

The reason Xin, which is our current mainproduct, even exists, is because all the other companies I worked for over the years, for one reason or another, needed a backup-site for their clients, whenever the binary stuff (java/activeX) failed or could not be accessed - which happens a lot - that site would work and behave the same way, only slower. But it would always work, regardless what browser the clients used and/or whatever firewalls-settings where in effect at this or that location.

It's the safe alternative, and it's sent in when nothing else works, when the user has all the wrong settings, software, javascripting turned off, and/or the "wrong" OS to run it all on...

We always thought we would be the one part stressing the server the most, since it's completely terminal-oriented, running nothing on the client, but sofar, we ave always been the 'lightest' part of the applications we've worked with.

Xin is really very nice to the server it's running on, and it's backing up some pretty intense database apps, which run a lot of traffic back and forth.

So, there you have it. I'm a nerd, that will promote my stuff at any chance that I get.
If the good lord ever decided to step down to our troubled earth, I'd probably try to sell this stuff to him as well.

I can't help it, I'm sick, I need help...*sob*

Signing off,
 Mikael Bergkvist

Date Posted:6/26/2005 4:09 PM
Posted by:
Thanh Quach
Good Sunday afternoon to all,

My name is Thanh Hoa Quach and I'm currently residing in Toronto, Canada. I have been working on contract for the last 2 years using C#, some UI Winforms and ASP.NET stuffs. I have to admit that I'm no guru on the front-end side, but possess much more experience on the back-end side in writing library, OOP, OOAD, good knowledge in the .NET framework, aplication architecture to a certain extent, and many more when you get to know me.

Before I got involved with C# and the .NET framework, I had also worked with languages like Delphi for many years, some VB4, VB5, Clipper 5, some C and DBase.

Since my contract has been over for a while and I'm currently on the look out for new opportunity. I have lots of time to commit to new project, but don't want to do it now until I know that I can deliver it.

We all need helps sometimes in our life. Helping others is like helping oneself. I have been answering questions on some forums about C#, design, architecture and almost anything I can share with others. In helping others, I indeed become a student again because I have learned so much in doing it. More importantly, I enjoy doing it and make a few good friends along the way.

Oh well, that's pretty much about me. Let's hope that I can contribute sonething good to this group.

Date Posted:6/27/2005 12:21 AM
Posted by:
Maribel Vergara

My name is Maribel Vergara. I have 2 yrs of experience working on PowerBuilder applications back in 1998. I became a stay at home Mom to take care of my daughter.
Now that she's going to school I'm looking to join the workforce and continue my career in IT.

I would like to pursue a career in .Net development and thought that this would be a good place to start. I'm looking forward to working with everybody and thanks for this great opportunity.


Date Posted:7/12/2005 4:55 PM
Posted by:
Ed Hild
Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. My name is Ed Hild and I am a technology architect for Microsoft at the MTC in Reston VA. I'm a new Microsoft employee (joined Jan 31st). Before that I was the Director of Technology of e.magination (a Baltimore, MD app dev shop). I've designed and built many ASP.NET based solutions mostly in C#, but can do the VB.NET thing if I have to. Lately, I have been concentrating on portals and have become a guru of SharePoint and Content Management Server. My role at Microsoft is very focused on those products. I basically provide technical sales support for enterprise level customers.

I would like to share my ASP.NET experience with the community as well as get down and dirty with some new 2.0 projects. So I think I'll start by mentoring until the 2.0 projects hit the ground. I found out about this site while at the Whidbey training in FL where David actually presented for a bit. If you want to know more about me or want some advanced SharePoint articles, feel free to visit my blog on msdn:

Date Posted:8/18/2005 9:45 AM
Posted by:
Harris Hershkowitz
Hello Everyone,

My name is Harris Hershkowitz but feel free to call me "Hersh".

In my 25 yr career of being in the computer industry I've been a computer operator, programmer analyst, helpdesk, computer repair technician, and a network administrator. I consider my-self to be a "Jack of all trades and a master of none". As a programmer analyst (15+ yrs), I've mainly coded in COBOL and LINC (Unisys 4th gen language) and dabbled in VB6, Visual Foxpro, basic C++, and HTML for fun and (a little) profit.
I consider myself to be very civic minded and have worked for non-profit organizations for over 10 years.

My motives for joining this group are to brush up on my programming skills, learn the new industry standards, network with other computer professionals, and help out the non-profit community at the same time.

I look forward to working with everyone in the near future.

Harris Hershkowitz
MCSE, CompTIA A+, Network +
Cell: (954) 683-1860  

Date Posted:8/30/2005 2:05 PM
Posted by:
Robert Hellestrae
Hi All,

My name is Rob Hellestrae, and I know David from the Microsoft .Net User Group tech presentations - from Miami to Boca Raton.  I have 11 years experience in technology - 7 years of AS400/Mainframe Cobol programming and 4 years of .Net Microsoft technologies (much preferred!).

From January 2002 - December 2004, I spent my time working full-time in the Miami-area nonprofit community, teaching basic / advanced computer skills, and designing Win32 applications / Web-Based interfaces using the Microsoft .Net Framework.  Currently, I'm back in the corporate world as .Net Developer.

My preferred programming language is Visual Basic .Net, and I recently finished a 36-week Microsoft Certified .Net Solution Development course (MCSD.Net) at the Univ. of Miami.  Look forward to helping Non-Profit Ways on any technology initiative, and have lots of knowledge regarding the non-profit arena. 

Regards, Robert Hellestrae 

Date Posted:10/25/2005 2:55 PM
Posted by:
Chris Caputo
Hi All:

I think I join the rest of the respondents in their enthusiasm for a project like  This is a much needed outlet for our collective talents.

I'm the Director of Technology for Mirabel Technologies d/b/a Magazine Manager.  We are the world's leading provider of software for publishers. 

My background is primarily in the web development, services, and infrastructure.  I have experience with ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET, etc., along with IIS/SQL/NT/2003/etc.

I look forward to working together with everyone on some exciting projects.

Chris Caputo

Date Posted:3/8/2006 12:06 AM
Posted by:
Max Sharples

My name is Max. I live in Mebourne, Australia.

I have about 5 years experience building websites and web-based applications in 'classic' ASP (and (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL).
I have done some small projects in PHP and .NET(VBScript) and have a little experience with XML/XSLT.

I am looking forward to working with XML and languages like C# to gain valuable experience and collaborating with other professionals to better understand methodologies and processes used in project development.

Max Sharples

Date Posted:4/1/2006 1:29 PM
Posted by:
Raenell Garner
Hi everyone,

My name is Raenell "Geekgurl" Garner.  I am a software architect for Perot Systems in Tampa, FL.  I have been in this industry since 1997 (man I'm getting old!).  I have experience in C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, and other non-Microsoft technologies/languages. 

I just wanted to help out in whatever way I could. 

I look forward to working with each of you.


Raenell Garner

Date Posted:4/26/2006 10:49 AM
Posted by:
William Howell

Hi my name is William James Howell.

I have been working with computers since age 12, I started with piecing them together and later moved on to programming.

I have used: c#, Visual, visual basic, vba, c, c++, clarion, delphi, sql, cobol, easytrieve,,  and java.

Most of what I know I learned in books. I have been doing programing projects since 2001, and am looking for more to keep working on part time.

I have written an interative trivia game in visual basic, and a property tax system in vba behind access.  Recently I wrote a program to change registry settings in xp to save time with favorite settings.

My favorite langauges are c# and  I am interested in helping to get more expiriance and have something else to be working on.

I have a personal copy of visual studio 2003 pro and visual studio 2005 standard to work with.

Date Posted:5/23/2006 10:47 PM
Posted by:
Raymond Seth III

Hello my name is Raymond Seth III. I have been programming for about 3 years. I have had some experience in VB6, VB.Net, C, Assembly, and have worked with Microsoft Access. I have been at the same job since I graduated college with a Bachelors of Science in computer science. I work for a smaller company so I have "The jack of all trades title" including but not limited to maintaining the network (Hardware, Software etc...) developing in-house software as well as some software used externally. Additionally, I have done a lot of work in electronics engineering and the programming of microcontrollers. However most of these systems are not to complex and I am looking for a way to learn more. I feel like I am in the typical catch 22. I want to move on to a larger company to take my career to the next level but can’t seem to get my foot in the door because my lack of experience. I want to learn more about .Net mainly C# which I have never worked with and SQL server which it seems like everyone local to me is using. ASP.Net and VB.Net are also on the list but I don’t think I can do them all at once. Additionally, I would like to learn more about the process of design, working with teams plus make some friends in the process. Last but not least I love to help people out so this is a way for me to learn and help out at the same time. Look forward to working with everyone.


            Raymond Seth III

Date Posted:8/27/2006 5:36 PM
Posted by:
Paulette Townsend
Hi all,

I have been in mainframe development for 17 years.  Most of it in Mortgage Banking.  I am currently taking classes to prepare for MCAD exams.  I want to move out of the mainframe environment and into .NET development.  Currently I am working a little with SQL Server and VB Scripts.  I really like the idea of developing an software and helping someone out at the same time.

Paulette Townsend

Date Posted:9/22/2006 6:01 PM
Posted by:
Mauricio Mendoza

I am very excited to have joined  This seems like a wonderful opportunity to network with others while doing some good ol' programming.  .NET is exciting since it has opened up such a wide array of possibilities for web sites to communicate effectively and efficiently.  Also it has opened up the way for sites to provide very useful tools and interactivity never thought possible.

I began working as a programmer over 12 years ago.  I have worked with large and small projects.  Some of my first projects were small "business card" type presentations for the web.  At the same time I began developing a large multilingual website for a nonprofit printing organization.  This involved the entire gammut of project management, logistics of digitizing print media, internationalization, etc.  This web site now posts entire publications in over 260 languages.

Not all my experience has been on the web.  I have designed, and developed a wide array of business applications using VB, C#, and SQL Server.

I have had extensive opportunity to work not just with local teams but also on projects being developed worlwide by geographically dispersed team members.

I'm looking forward to my experience working with the many volunteers on noprofitways.


Date Posted:11/10/2006 1:52 AM
Posted by:
Malinda Ng
I am a newbie of XML, and XSL, SXLT, Xpath, Xquery, Xchema, WebServices, Javascript, SQL Server and I found XMLPitstop provided valuable Sources to help me with my everyday job functions.

Also, I like to feel part of a community of people with similar interests.   User-to-user communication is important to me.   Where I can post my questions and topics, where I can share ideas and tips, reply to people and most important is learning from all the members of these sites.

Date Posted:12/1/2006 2:32 PM
Posted by:
Bill Antalek

I am fairly new to .NET. I have been programming on and off for 25 yrs. I would like to learn more and go for a MCSD certification to help in finding work back in this field. I have experience in C++, VB, and my company created custom Palm OS applications with Access/VB front end. I have also worked on a number of websites, a PHP/MySQL shopping cart, and various other things.

I started a Win Forms application for a place I used to work for. I used VS 2003, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, along with Infragistics Net Advantage. I used Infragistic's Tracker application to learn from. Ultimately, the owner who had written the most horrible, buggy, best example of how not to write software, RBase for DOS database, didn't want to use the new app because she couldn't figure out how to program it herself. Anyway, I left.

Anyway, I'd like to study for the MCSD and work on some coding along the way. The place I worked for (above) was a Photography school, so I know Photoshop and Adobe's CS suite too.

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