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Reply: grouping output

Date Posted:5/24/2005 9:24 AM
Posted by:
Gunnar Kaysen

Hi there,

I need to generate xml output from a source xml and a mapping xml file.
My source.xml looks something like this:

   <record id = "1" value = "A090"/>
   <record id = "2" value = "B200"/>

My mapping.xml file contains rules for transforming the record elements to some categories in the output file. mapping.xml looks something like this:

   <rule recordid = "1" categorie = "Categorie1">
   <rule recordid = "1" categorie = "Categorie2">
   <rule recordid = "2" categorie = "Categorie1">

My output.xml needs to group by categories and should look like this:

   <categorie name = "Categorie1">
      <record id = "1" value = "A090"/>
      <record id = "2" value = "B200"/>
   <categorie name = "Categorie2">
      <record id = "1" value = "A090"/>

The problem for me is to group the elements accordingly before writing them to output. I know about the Muenchian method but since I have two input files I can't calculate the keys for ordering in advance.Could anybody help me with this?

Cheers - Gunnar

Date Posted:5/31/2005 6:51 AM
Posted by:
David Silverlight
Hello Gunnar,

     This is definitely an interesting scenario.   Just curious, though, I see that this post was made about a week ago.   Before offering a solution and throwing a bunch of questions out there, have you already found a solution to this?

     Kindest regads,
          David Silverlight, Microsoft MVP - XML

Date Posted:1/10/2007 2:46 PM
Posted by:
Keo King
Hi, Gunnar........
I'm trying to find you to wish you a happy 40th birthday in time.  Maybe this will work.  I ran into Steve a few months ato;  said you were married, had a baby.  And most important that you are still in the same world as Steve and I.  I'm very glad.

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