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MARC DTD: Background and Development
The term "MARC DTD" (MAchine Readable Cataloging Document Type Definition), refers to implementations of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). SGML is a technique for representing documents in machine-readable form which was approved as an international standard, ISO 8879 (Information processing--Text and office systems--Standard Generalized Markup Language). It was developed to fill the need for a non-proprietary standard for text encoding so that machine-readable data could be exchanged between dissimilar text encoding environments. SGML is widely used in the publishing industry where documents are created using various computer systems.

Type: DTD  #Views: 310  Category: Article    

Visual Studio Magazine - Embed DTDs Into XML Files With .NET ...
Use FileStreams to include a DTD in an outputted XML file created by
a Web application. Visual Studio Magazine, Locator+ Code: Search ...

Type: DTD  #Views: 274  Category: Article    

What is a DTD
As you learned in another article, a DTD is the grammar of an XML page. It is an acronym that stands for Document Type Definition. It contains the elements, attributes, entities, and notations used in the XML document.

Type: DTD  #Views: 179  Category: Article    

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