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svg Articles
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1 2 3 Plaudits and Pundits [Dec. 05, 2001]
... contributed much to the XML software world -- will be encouraged to create more
SVG software and help SVG to the ubiquity achieved by other XML technologies. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 245  Category: Article Themes - Those Messy TrueTypes
... Yes it is posible... Get batik at w3c... that will translate most ttf fonts perfectly
into the right svg tagged xml files... I have translated many of them... ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 259  Category: Article Painting by Numbers with SVG [Mar. 15, 2000]
... Micro-Parsing. The syntax for the SVG path data is not XML. ... In essence
the SVG specification is two languages, XML and "path data.". ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 143  Category: Article An SVG Case Study: Integrated, Dynamic Avalanche ...
... (For more information, see Antoine Quint's article SVG Tips and Tricks: Adobe's
SVG Viewer at When we are done with each chart, we simply remove it ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 168  Category: Article SVG: A Sure Bet
... possibilities: it would be great to unify these domains under a standardized,
XML-based syntax. But it is ultimately quite limiting to define SVG by its ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 235  Category: Article    

O'Reilly Network: XML for 2003 [Mar. 07, 2003]
... bring it formally to handheld devices and continue the W3C's modularization approach,
making it easier to integrate SVG with other XML-based technologies. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 249  Category: Article Creating Scalable Vector Graphics with Perl [Jul. 11 ...
Kip Hampton demonstrates how to use Perl, XML, and SVG to generate useful and
attractive graphics dynamically. ... Generating Dynamic SVG From Non-XML Data. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 262  Category: Article    

SVG: What comes after XML?
... That presents an obstacle to SVG manipulation with XML tools. ... Sun's SVG
Slide Toolkit is a neat application of SVG's XML integration. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 250  Category: Article Creating an SVG Wiki
... embed src="sketch.svg" type="image/svg+xml" width="500" height="300"
pluginspage="" /> ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 268  Category: Article SVG: A Sure Bet [Jul. 16, 2003]
... All the technologies used in the creation of SVG images (XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG)
are open, and available in free implementations, greatly reducing software ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 267  Category: Article XML You Can Touch [Oct. 10, 2001]
... XML User Interface 2002-02-24 21:56:33 Chris Little [Reply] I ran across a company that pushes XML for user interface (XUL and SVG). ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 241  Category: Article What Place Has CSS in the XML World? [Mar. 08, 2000]
... ?xml version="1.0"?> <svg height="60 ... Conclusion. CSS is not an endangered species
in the XML world, but more a species living in symbiosis with HTML and SVG. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 140  Category: Article Doing That Drag Thang [Feb. 27, 2002]
... As an XML application, SVG benefits from the Document Object Model. The DOM is
an object-oriented API for reading from and writing to an XML document. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 153  Category: Article    

XML-based Presentation Tools
... System, XSLT targets SVG tailored to Adobe Viewer. Features, Includes XSLT to convert
XML slides to SVG; package has DTD, XSLT stylesheet, and sample instance. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 245  Category: Article    

XML a cornerstone of new graphics model | CNET
... Because it's written in XML, SVG is better able to make graphics searchable and digestible
by screen readers, a boon for Web authors struggling to comply with ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 173  Category: Article    

XMLization of Graphics
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an important step towards creating a standard
platform for graphics on the World-Wide Web (Web). ... Applications of SVG. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 257  Category: Article    

carto:net - scalable vector graphics - main page
Entry page for SVG by carto:net offering a paper, samples and an exhaustive
link list. carto:papers:svg. main paper, hauptartikel, article principal. ...

Type: SVG  #Views: 156  Category: Article    

SVG: A Sure Bet

In this article based on his keynote at the SVG Open Conference, Paul Prescod explains why he thinks SVG is set to be as ubiquitous as IP networking

Type: SVG  #Views: 190  Category: Article    

SVG: Modularized and mobile
This article gives an overview of the scope, main feature set (including what's new for the current version) and graphic object types of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It then looks at two recently released W3C Working Drafts in Last call for the SVG standard.

The reconstitution of SVG as a collection of interoperable modules that each provide specific functionality is explained, followed by a description of SVG's interactions with and support for XHTML, CSS, XSL and other W3C standards.

Next SVG Tiny (SVGT) and SVG Basic (SVGB), which comprise Mobile SVG, are compared element by element. The article ends with with a mention of Adobe's significant support of SVG and campaign for native browser support in the company's effort to unseat Flash.

Type: SVG  #Views: 326  Category: Article    

SVG Text
This article covers most of the text capabilities found in SVG, including powerful features like text on a path, and includes sample code. SVG versions of the examples require the SVG_Viewer plugin to display properly (

Type: SVG  #Views: 243  Category: Article    

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