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svg Articles
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SVG in the market place
This site has articles on how SVG started, what its being used for and preparing for it!

Type: SVG  #Views: 285  Category: Article    

Moock's SVG
A discussion of the scope of svg, with comparisons to macromedia's flash vector-multimedia format, swf. Site has great links to a lot of SVG resources and articles.

Type: SVG  #Views: 325  Category: Article    

SVG: The Big Next Thing
A great article on the beauty of SVG and what it can do.

Type: SVG  #Views: 319  Category: Article    

SVGObjects is a framework for vending SVG content from WebObjects. Site contains the download, tutorials and articles

Type: SVG  #Views: 309  Category: Article SVG
SVG -- Something Very Good, or a flash in the pan? Article by Thomas Powell

Type: SVG  #Views: 308  Category: Article    

Another Web Format
An article by Tim Wilson that describes what SVG stands for including links to other sites.

Type: SVG  #Views: 387  Category: Article    

SVG for the future
Anarticle that defines SVG and its usage for the web.

Type: SVG  #Views: 250  Category: Article    

WDVL: Doing it with SVG
An introductory article from the Web Developer's Virtual Library. Everything you need to get started with SVG is explained in this article by Ken Sall. Worth every visit!

Type: SVG  #Views: 326  Category: Article    

Fuzzy Design
This is a great site that has lovely examples, articles, forums, facts on SVG and also their logo downloads with links back to their site.

Type: SVG  #Views: 357  Category: Article    

SVG and the Java 2 API
This is an article on writing a custom Graphics2D implementation to generate SVG images by Vincent J. Hardy.

Type: SVG  #Views: 286  Category: Article    

Demo - SVG, JavaScript and the DOM
This site explains a prototype application to do an XSQL query to an Oracle database, transform the results to SVG, allow the user to manipulate the SVG, and finally resubmit the edited data back to the server. Great demo that is explained step by step. Try to get this article.

Type: SVG  #Views: 312  Category: Article    

XMLization of Graphics
Nice article by Pankaj Kamthan. Has links to other SVG sites with examples.

Type: SVG  #Views: 324  Category: Article    

News and Articles on SVG. Has great links to other sites.

Type: SVG  #Views: 336  Category: Article    

Awesome Power of SVG
An article by Kas Thomas on what SVG stands for and its usage for the web. Has links to other SVG sites.

Type: SVG  #Views: 291  Category: Article    

SVG Format
An article by Tom Arah that investigates SVG a new graphic format that could revolutionize the Web.

Type: SVG  #Views: 296  Category: Article    

Creative ToolBox
Open-Standard Upstart SVG Takes on Macromedia's SWF. The SVG vector-based file format means more freedom for designers and a faster Web for everyone. An article created by george Penston.

Type: SVG  #Views: 257  Category: Article    

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