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Creating Usable Wireless Applications
Space is at a premium in wireless devices, and the applications designed for such devices require careful User Interface design. Taking the web contents and squeezing them on these devices does not work. In this article we will discuss some issues that need to be addressed when designing such applications.

Type: WML  #Views: 319  Category: Article    

Learning WML - Tools and Structure
This series of articles describes how to provide Web content to mobile devices through WML (Wireless Markup Language). This article covers some essential tools for coding and debugging WML code, as well as the basics of creating WML decks. Future articles will cover advanced WML language, tips and tricks to provide content, and how to integrate other technologies such as PHP to make your pages more flexible.

Type: WML  #Views: 231  Category: Article    

Learning WML: Tasks and Events
This chapter covers two further parts of WML—tasks and events—that have no real equivalent in HTML. (In some cases you can use JavaScript to achieve similar effects.)

Type: WML  #Views: 194  Category: Article    

Wireless Markup Language (WML)
Wireless Markup Language (WML)

Type: WML  #Views: 194  Category: Article    

Delivering HTML To a WML Device
Given the discussion above, there are a few HTML-to-WML conversions that are more problematic than they are worth:

Type: WML  #Views: 319  Category: Article    

Introducing WML and WMLScript: A Final Word
In this column we touched on a hot topic that is going to occupy and involve many of you: the Wireless world. The accelerated deployment of cellular phones and other user agents will soon make wireless devices one of the favorite ways for consumers to interact with the internet.

Type: WML  #Views: 254  Category: Article    

WAP for Fun and Profit - Part 1 - Basic WML Format
Everyone is getting their hands on WAP devices, so why not learn the technology. In this article Paul will lend you a hand by discussing the WML format.

Type: WML  #Views: 251  Category: Article    

Creating dynamic WML services
The examples so far have focused on using WML decks. Static decks are useful for providing menus and nonvolatile information. To generate content dynamically, however, you need to implement your service as a CGI or Web server application. Doing so lets you not only deliver dynamic content but also broadcast alerts, modify the UP.Phone cache, and send faxes on behalf of the subscriber.

Type: WML  #Views: 277  Category: Article    

The biggest technological revolution of this era — the wireless Internet — is going through a trying period. Its major challenge is to replicate the cross-platform portability of its wired sibling — a challenge that has been brought to the fore by the number of incompatible technologies that are being used for the delivery and display of wireless Internet content. Content developers, as a result, are faced with the critical decision of which technology to develop for. The answer to their question depends on the region they are based in, the region their target audience is in and the timeframe at which they are looking to go wireless.

Type: WML  #Views: 287  Category: Article    

XML Content Syndication: Part 2
"Applied XML Solutions," a new book from Benoît Marchal, shows professional developers how to apply XML to a variety of real-world applications. These include using XML as a scripting substitute and using XSLT to facilitate communication between incompatible systems. Here we present the second part of the chapter devoted to content syndication:

Type: WML  #Views: 237  Category: Article    

Developing WAP Applications for The Openwave Platform
WML (Wireless Markup Language) is a markup language that is based on XML(Extensible Markup Language). It's an open language developed by the WAP(wireless Application Protocol) forum to accommodate small handheld devices. WML specification that defines the syntax, variables, and elements used in a valid WML file is developed and maintained by the WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) Forum, and an industry-wide consortium founded by Nokia,, Motorola, and Ericsson.

Type: WML  #Views: 319  Category: Article    

WML: The ML That Matters
WAP is supposed to make consumers hungry for wireless data. Will consumers line up for a browser in every phone, or will they spurn it like so many wireless-data initiatives of the past? If WAP is the new restaurant in town, then wireless markup language (WML) is its secret book of recipes. Now that WAP is open for business in Europe, and WAP-enabled phones are hot, what is going to happen now that WAP has started to open its doors for business on this side of the pond?

Type: WML  #Views: 279  Category: Article    

WAP Tutorial Glossary
WAP Tutorial Glossary

Type: WML  #Views: 292  Category: Article    

ASP and WML windex.asp Source
Here's an example WML 1.1 deck written in ASP which gives contact information for and shows current web site activity.

Type: WML  #Views: 263  Category: Article    

Using PHP to Create a WML Page
If you have decided to have a WAP version of your website and you want to make it dynamic, you can use PHP to generate your WML pages. In order to view WML pages you should download and install a phone emulator from, or somewhere else. You can also use a WAP enable cell phone.

Type: WML  #Views: 2612  Category: Article    

Annotating Content for Device Feature Utilization
Hand held devices are evolving! Some might even say, it is chaotic. This situation is quite different from the desktop market place where the basic format of a computer display appears to be quite stable. The factors affecting this evolution are complex and hard to predict; and anyone involved in this area is probably aware of the challenges inherent in creating applications for such devices.

Type: WML  #Views: 307  Category: Article    

WML - Wireless Markup Language
WML is a markup language designed especially for specifying and displaying content on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) devices. WML is part of the WAP application environment, which requires the use of WML.

Type: WML  #Views: 173  Category: Article    

Delivering HTML To a WML Device
This series of articles describes how to provide Web content to mobile devices through WML (Wireless Markup Language). This article covers techniques to use when delivering standard HTML to WML-compatible devices.

Type: WML  #Views: 218  Category: Article    

Wireless Apps: The Reality Today
Development of a Wireless application does not usually require any specific procedure. This means that a number of vendors have been quick to use Wireless to promote their products, although these possess no specific Wireless feature. We could mention Allaire, for example, who proudly announced their products' support for WAP; in fact, all this turns out to mean is that a few tags have been inserted.

Type: WML  #Views: 308  Category: Article    

WML Scripting Tips and Integration with PHP
This series of articles describes how to provide Web content to mobile devices through WML (Wireless Markup Language). This article covers some additional uses for WMLScript and how to integrate PHP with WML. Future articles will cover more advanced PHP and WML techniques.

Type: WML  #Views: 328  Category: Article    

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