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XML to HTML (via XSL) Classic ASP Sample
This little script will take an XML file and an XSL file and combine them to produce whatever output you want. The sample files I used contain some fake sample data and convert it to a basic HTML table, but you can use the same code to transform your data into whatever you want... just change the stylesheet.

Type: XML  #Views: 217  Category: Article    

Convert XML Documents into Different Formats with the XSL Template Language
Delphi Pro Bob Swart shows you how to convert any XML data packet or document (using XSL Transformation rules) to a browser-readable HTML format with a new component called the TXSLPageProducer.

Type: XML  #Views: 215  Category: Article    

Mozilla, Opera Join Forces For New W3C Proposal
The Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software collaborated on the document, which represents their "consensus" opinion in the context of standards for Web Applications, and Compound Documents. The working document of the draft specification is titled Web Forms 2.0 which is in its essence an extension of the way forms are defined in the existing HTML 4.01 forms chapter, though it will apply equally to XHTML (define) user agents as well. The proposed specifications include new attributes, DOM (define) interfaces and events for validation and dependency tracking as well as XML form submission and initialization. The specification also aims to document existing practices in the forms area that have not yet been officially standardized.

Type: XML  #Views: 140  Category: Article    

XML Processing with Java
Learn how to process XML documents with Java in this sample chapter from Core Web Programming. Larry Brown and Marty Hall show you how to use Java to process XML documents by using the Document Object Model (DOM), the Simple API for XML (SAX), and the Extensible Style sheet Language for Transformations (XSLT).

Type: XML  #Views: 625  Category: Article    

XML and Web Services: Understanding SOAP
There have been several proposals to use XML in the field of Web services, but one of the most promising standards is SOAP: the Simple Object Access Protocol. This article introduces you to the SOAP protocol.

Type: XML  #Views: 140  Category: Article    

XML Software Infrastructure
Kevin Dick focuses on the basic infrastructure used in many XML projects. Ensure that your projects have a strong foundation for success by learning when different components are necessary, and the issues in choosing a particular component.

Type: XML  #Views: 119  Category: Article    

XML Building Blocks: Elements and Attributes
From its basic elements and attributes to the concept of validation, David Gulbranson presents the building blocks of XML.

Type: XML  #Views: 172  Category: Article    

XML Software with a Splash of Java
Java has become the cross-platform language of choice; XML is becoming the data/object interchange mechanism of choice.

Type: XML  #Views: 248  Category: Article    

GUIs and XML configuration data, Part 2
David continues his discussion of how XML is used in the configuration of GUI interfaces. He looks at Mozilla's XML-based User Interface Language (XUL) which allows you to write applications that run without any particular dependency on the choice of underlying operating system. This may seem strange at first, but you'll soon see that this Mozilla project offers powerful tools for GUI building that allow you to develop for an extensive base of installed users.

Type: XML  #Views: 131  Category: Article    

Processing XML with Java: Reading XML
Reading an XML document is a complicated, error-prone operation. Elliotte Rusty Harold discusses how to use an XML parser to read the document for you.

Type: XML  #Views: 257  Category: Article    

XML Emend
If you have ever wanted a way to make a quick change to the structure of an XML file then take a look at this example. XML Emend will allow you to edit both the structure and the data of an XML file using the ReadXml and WriteXml methods and the Table and Column properties of the System.Data.DataSet.

Type: XML  #Views: 190  Category: Article    

XML Lists
If you maintain a large amount of lists in various different formats and want to share these lists with coworkers XmlLists is what you need.

Type: XML  #Views: 166  Category: Article    

Implementing Simple APIs for XML
Learn about the SAX packages and the key JAXP libraries and classes that are required for creating and using a SAX parser. Also learn how to set up JAXP for different versions of Java, and create an application that uses a SAX parser.

Type: XML  #Views: 153  Category: Article    

XML and Namespaces
Learn more about Namespaces in the XML family of specifications as this sample chapter addresses the fundamental aspects of the relationship between the two.

Type: XML  #Views: 135  Category: Article    

Can XML Web Services Offer a Standard Across Databases?
XML is often promoted as the standard format for exchanging data. But dig into how XML is actually being implemented by the database and tools vendors, and you will often find that XML is not necessarily being delivered in the interoperable way they might expect.

Type: XML  #Views: 181  Category: Article    

Learn XML and SOAP the Microsoft Way
XML is a standard today, yet there are a few minor differences in how it has been implemented and supported by different browsers. XMLThe Microsoft Way, by Peter G. Aitken is a new book that surveys XML technology, also focusing on the Microsoft MSXML parser, its strengths, and the ways it differs from other implementations. The book also covers the SOAP XML grammar, which has become central to the Microsoft .NET initiative. The Simplified Object Access Protocol is a technique that uses XML to transport information over the Internet and is the foundation of Web Service technology. Read about SOAP here, in this excerpt from Chapter 12.

Type: XML  #Views: 190  Category: Article    

From XML to SMIL
Some Q/A about XML to SMIL with John E. Simpson.

Type: XML  #Views: 157  Category: Article    

Westbridge Enhances Flagship XML Message Server
Westbridge Technology, a provider of Web Services security solutions for Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), released version 3.1 of its flagship XML Message Server (XMS). The vendor says, “The XMS 3.1 contains the latest security signature and rule updates designed to thwart attacks, XML acceleration enhancements, standards updates as well as improved tools that automate and simplify network management and administration. These capabilities help extend the leadership Westbridge has attained in providing the most comprehensive and advanced Web Services security solution that can scale to enterprise-wide SOA.”

Type: XML  #Views: 178  Category: Article    

Searching for content and structure in XML documents
Documents are structured presentations of information. We can define a document as an asset that contains strucuture, content, and presentation. In this short paper we describe how to search for content and structure at the same time. All the features described in this note are available on Oracle9i.

Type: XML  #Views: 191  Category: Article    

XML - Real thing, taken for granted
Prognosticators and just plain curious folk often reflect on the next technology paradigm shift. Application Development Trends recently took time out to do just such a class of cogitating; the results will provide food for thought and, perhaps, some impetus for controversy for some time to come.

Type: XML  #Views: 174  Category: Article    

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