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Modeling XML Applications
You don't need to be an XML or SOAP expert to use the universal description, discovery and integration specification to find and publish interfaces and contextual information about Web services. Part 4 of 4.

Type: XML  #Views: 145  Category: Article    

XML: The Future of World Wide Web
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) has been hailed as a technical revolution comparable in scope to sliced bread and the wheel. Over the last few years XML has pervaded industry like a scent that hangs over perfume counters in department stores. From management systems to e-business application providers to pure development tools, XML has gone from nascent underground technology to integrated component standard[13].

Type: XML  #Views: 147  Category: Article    

Using XML and JSP together
XML and JSP are two of the hottest buzzwords these days. This article shows how you can use these two technologies together to make a dynamic Website. You also get a look at code examples for DOM, XPath, XSL, and other Java-XML techniques.

Type: XML  #Views: 154  Category: Article    

The 12 Days of XML Christmas
As the year 2000 draws to a close, the XML-Deviant looks back at the year's events in the XML developer community, bringing you the 12 Days of XML Christmas.

Type: XML  #Views: 86  Category: Article    

The XML Elements of Style
In this article the author (the Oracle lead XML Technical Evangelist and development lead for Oracle XSQL Pages) offers a stepwise method for authoring a well-formed XML document, inspired by Strunk & White's "Elements of Style".

Type: XML  #Views: 151  Category: Article    

XML Data-Binding: Comparing Castor to .NET
In this article, I will show how .NET XML data binding works, while investigating the equivalent Java functionality. Java and .NET both have excellent support for data binding, and although they work in slightly different ways, each is just as valid and useful as the other. In my next article, I'll complete the exercise by mapping XML files to an RDBMS.

Type: XML  #Views: 155  Category: Article    

Learning to RELAX
XML tags can have attributes, and RELAX allows you to specify them in great detail. A news story, like HTML, can include an <img> tag which has a required src and optional width and height attributes. RELAX treats attributes as part of the tag, so the full specification of an image is as follows:

Type: XML  #Views: 112  Category: Article    

An Introduction to the Resource Directory Description Language
This tutorial introduces the Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL), which is the result of a recent project conducted by the XML-DEV community. It provides an overview of RDDL's very simple vocabulary and the benefits it can bring to XML applications.

Type: XML  #Views: 123  Category: Article    

Participation in a W3C Working Group
To participate directly in the creation of a specification, you have to join the Working Group responsible for it. Participation requires a serious commitment: Working Groups generally meet once a week for a teleconference and several times a year for face-to-face meetings. It takes a long time and a lot of effort for a document to become a W3C Recommendation.

Type: XML  #Views: 101  Category: Article    

Creating Dynamic VoiceXML Applications
While the previous example hints at the potential of offering Web content and services over the phone, the resulting "conversation" between the caller and the VoiceXML application is too one-sided. Fortunately VoiceXML offers several elements that are specially designed for capturing user input. In addition, VoiceXML forms, like the HTML forms that came before, can be used to capture data to pass to the server via the standard HTTP GET and POST methods.

Type: XML  #Views: 170  Category: Article    

Cataloging XML Vocabularies
I've been involved recently in many discussions and projects oriented around a simple and common question: "how do I create an XML vocabulary?" The formulation was often different -- "how do I create a namespace?" or "how do I publish an XML schema?" -- but the central issue was always about what infrastructure to create and which methods should be used to advertise the newly created vocabulary.

Type: XML  #Views: 154  Category: Article    

Eikon is a Java -powered prototype for distributed image search engine software. The engine receives the URL of an image, then locates a user-defined number of similar images on the network. The query image may be in a wide range of forms, for example a thumbnail, scan, video capture or user-generated drawing. Image metadata can be retrieved via Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC).

Type: XML  #Views: 153  Category: Article    

XML Questions Answered receives dozens of questions each week about XML, submitted via the FAQ submission form at In this column we'll be addressing some of the most interesting (read: useful, provocative, outright bizarre) of those questions.

Type: XML  #Views: 139  Category: Article    

Nobody Asked Me, But...
I've been writing the "XML Q&A;" column for a year now. An anniversary seems a good occasion to think about the questions I wish I'd been able to answer during that time -- questions no one ever asks.

Type: XML  #Views: 136  Category: Article    

Breeze XML Binder for Java
Breeze XML Binder for Java is an XML programming and data-binding environment for Java that extends and replaces Breeze XML Studio. XML Binder is positioned as an alternative to processing XML with Simple Application Programming Interface for XML (SAX) or Document Object Model (DOM).

Type: XML  #Views: 97  Category: Article    

The W3C XML Schema Specification in Context
This article gives simple comparisons between the W3C XML Schemas and some technologies that have arisen as a response to it:

Type: XML  #Views: 148  Category: Article    

Which Mailing List Should You Join?
Subscribing to mailing lists or newsgroups is a great way to stay up to date on XML, contribute to discussions, and find answers to problems.

Type: XML  #Views: 90  Category: Article    

Character Encodings in XML and Perl
This article examines the handling of character encodings in XML and Perl. I will look at what character encodings are and what their relationship to XML is. We will then move on to how encodings are handled in Perl, and end with some practical examples of translating between encodings.

Type: XML  #Views: 155  Category: Article    

Namespace Myths Exploded
This article discusses a number of myths that have arisen around XML namespaces, examining possible sources, clarifying what the recommendation says about them, and pointing out ways to resolve the issues they raise.

Type: XML  #Views: 111  Category: Article    

XML and Perl: Embedding XML in HTML
In this article we'll show you how to turn your HTML files into mini databases by embedding XML tags within your Web pages to describe the enclosed content. We'll then build a Web-based Perl client that queries and displays the contents of these embedded XML tags. Finally, we'll extend what we've learned by developing a script that builds a top-news summary for

Type: XML  #Views: 117  Category: Article    

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