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soap Examples
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Currency Converter - An XML Web Service using PHP and Soap
This application is an example of using Flash MX to communicate with a with a Web Service. By using a combination of the Load Vars Object, Flash MX Components, and a PHP Soap Toolkit - we can easily build applications such as these.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 146  Category: Example    

Example SOAP Request
The entire request for a call to the CalculatorWS add method (see the exampleCalculatorWS.jar example):
Type: SOAP  #Views: 213  Category: Example    

Java(TM) Boutique - Using SOAP with Java
Hello welcome to the first part of my 3 series articles on developing SOAP based applications using Java. This series is not a detailed description of SOAP protocol but just a quick-start tutorial to demonstrate how we can use Java and SOAP together.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 130  Category: Example    

Making HTTP (and SOAP) requests to other servers.
The Whitebeam environment provides virtually everything you need to develop sohpisticated Web based applications. There are a number of occassions when it's useful to access other Internet, Intranet or Extranet resources however. To access such data requires that one application be able to send out Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests to other servers. Whitebeam provides a simple way of making such requests via the HttpRequest JavaScript class.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 142  Category: Example    

Example Soap Response and Exercise
Example Soap Response and Exercise
Type: SOAP  #Views: 309  Category: Example    

SOAP client example : use of the Google Web API
SOAP client example : use of the Google Web API
Type: SOAP  #Views: 168  Category: Example    

Sending JAXM SOAP Messages
JAXM is a new Java API, which describes a standard way of dealing with SOAP messages from the Java language. In particular, JAXM defines a SOAP message, which can carry data that conforms to the SOAP specification.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 192  Category: Example    

Google SOAP example
Google SOAP example.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 140  Category: Example    

SSH offers an alternative means of transfer for SOAP messages in enviroments where security is a concern, or system resources do not allow for a full webserver. The example below, like that of 3.2 SOAP over email, should not be construed as being the standard way to carry SOAP messages. The SOAP version 1.2 specifications do not specify such a binding.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 81  Category: Example    

Example from W3C SOAP Notes
Example from W3C SOAP Notes
Type: SOAP  #Views: 80  Category: Example    

A Simple SOAP Client
Talking to a SOAP server that provides Fibonacci numbers is not significantly harder than talking to an XML-RPC server. You just have to adjust the syntax of your request to use SOAP instead of XML-RPC. Again, we’ll talk to a Fibonacci generator I’ll develop in later chapters, but that can be previewed at
Type: SOAP  #Views: 148  Category: Example    

Working with Web Services - Mozilla SOAP API
Although still in its infancy, the age of Web services and SOAP has already created a demand for a wide array of client technologies. A search for "SOAP client" turns up myriad implementations for C++, Perl, .NET, PHP, and Java. If you dig a little deeper, you can even find clients for languages such as Ruby, Python and Tcl.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 79  Category: Example    

Web Services: SOAP Interoperability
The growing number of SOAP implementations is concrete proof of the real boom being enjoyed, in recent months, by Web Services based on this protocol. And each of the implementations has its own objects, methods, environments, and deployment.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 88  Category: Example    

Python SOAP Manual
Python SOAP Manual
Type: SOAP  #Views: 94  Category: Example    

PerlEx - Online Docs
PerlEx makes providing Web Services easy to do. With little or no knowledge of the underlying technologies (SOAP, WSDL, XML, and more) you can create and serve Web Services. PerlEx will handle all the details for you, including generation of WSDL, which allows consumers to know how to call your Web Service.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 65  Category: Example    

Deploying SOAP Example
Deploying SOAP Example
Type: SOAP  #Views: 188  Category: Example    

Example Soap Response
Example Soap Response
Type: SOAP  #Views: 132  Category: Example    

Web Services using SOAP
Web Services using SOAP
Type: SOAP  #Views: 134  Category: Example    

SOAP examples
SOAP examples
Type: SOAP  #Views: 200  Category: Example    

SOAP Example Issues
SOAP Example
Type: SOAP  #Views: 118  Category: Example    

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