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soap Examples
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SOAP Headers
PocketSOAP supports both send and receiving SOAP Header, these work in exactly the same way as elements within the Body, except that they are accessed through the Headers property on the Envelope rather than the Parameters property. In addition, you can set the various header attributes including actor, mustUnderstand through the normal Node object.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 98  Category: Example    

Example Source Code from Chapter 2, XML Protocols: XML-RPC and SOAP, of Processing XML with Java
Example Source Code from Chapter 2, XML Protocols: XML-RPC and SOAP, of Processing XML with Java.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 117  Category: Example    

BabelFish Java Soap Example
Simple SOAP Example
Type: SOAP  #Views: 217  Category: Example    

Example SOAP client code
Example SOAP client code.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 120  Category: Example    

The XML Streams to SOAP Example
A real estate office has implemented a server to keep track of agents and their listings. In the application code, there is a real_property abstract base class, with a derived class residential. The residential class includes a nested class room, and a data member rooms_, which is an RWTValSlist collection of room objects. References to property objects is mainly through pointers to real_property, with polymorphism redirecting the reference to the concrete residential objects.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 110  Category: Example    

SOAP Example
This example illustrates the way that XML Object Link handles the any element and demonstrates how you can use a configuration file to resolve naming collisions between types and elements defined in the global scope. To demonstrate these features, the example generates C++ constructs for the SOAP schema. SOAP is an XML messaging protocol. SOAP provides an envelope for sending and receiving XML data and documents. The schema for SOAP uses the any element to allow any XML document to be contained within the body element of an envelope. From the SOAP schema, XML Object Link generates a class that represents the envelope and a class that represents the body.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 94  Category: Example    

Google API Example Using PHP
Google API Example Using PHP
Type: SOAP  #Views: 106  Category: Example    

Hello World example
Every SDK with programming examples must contain a hello world example, eZ soap is no exception. This example shows how you can send a request to a SOAP server and print out the result.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 94  Category: Example    

What Object Does SOAP Access?
The name of the protocol is Simple Object Access Protocol. This document describes explores the relationship between a SOAP message and the object it accesses. Here's an example of a SOAP request taken from the BDG:
Type: SOAP  #Views: 53  Category: Example    

Schemas, SOAP and WSDL
Schemas, SOAP and WSDL
Type: SOAP  #Views: 72  Category: Example    

SOAP Attachment Example
This is a Web service example which demonstrates sending of SOAP attachments involving file(s) from server handler to client handler — that is, through the handler chain on the SOAP response side using javax.xml.rpc.handler.Handler.handleResponse(javax.xml.rpc.handler.MessageContext).
Type: SOAP  #Views: 186  Category: Example    

SOAP by Example
This document provides a working example of a functional SOAP client in Python, using only HTTP and XML modules.
Type: SOAP  #Views: 99  Category: Example    

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