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wsdl Examples
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Web Service Use Case
This use case illustrates how to use XrML in a service-centric business model, which focuses on specifying rights, conditions, and metadata for services, such as web services. In this use case, Alice pays $2.00 each time she uses a web service to receive stock quotes. The following figure illustrates this use case:

Type: WSDL  #Views: 235  Category: Example    

Invoking Web Services Without Using the WSDL File
This Appendix shows an example of a dynamic client application that does not use the WSDL file when it invokes a WebLogic Web Service.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 220  Category: Example    

Example of a WSDL Document
The example below is of a WSDL document generated by JDeveloper for a simple web service which returns the current date and time as a string. It provides an illustration of the structure of a WSDL document.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 328  Category: Example    

Web Services / Using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
Web Service Tutorial/Examples.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 210  Category: Example    

Hello World WSDL Example
Web service example of Hello World.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 362  Category: Example    

Example WSDL File
Following is the WSDL file that is provided with Cape Clear as part of the stock demonstration program. When a company name is specified, the program consults a database and returns the company’s current stock price.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 272  Category: Example    

The Globus Toolkit 3 Programmer's Tutorial
We're finally ready to implement the Grid Service. Since its behaviour is exactly the same as the previous example, the implementation is practically the same:

Type: WSDL  #Views: 191  Category: Example    

Just another Nodetraveller: Webservices in Flash MX 2004
Create a new document from a Query-Error-Response template. (This helps us with our simple example as it already sets up a webservice connector and a submit button in the form.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 234  Category: Example    

Web Services / A WSDL Example
A WSDL description of a "stock quote" service:

Type: WSDL  #Views: 259  Category: Example    

Spheon JSOAP - Webservices
To test the server implementation of Spheon JSOAP, we set up a a server with a few webservices. If you find any bugs or incompatibilities, please send me an Email.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 190  Category: Example    

XML and SOAP Examples
XML and SOAP Examples

Type: WSDL  #Views: 176  Category: Example    

Gecko WSDL Example - Babel Fish
Gecko WSDL Example - Babel Fish

Type: WSDL  #Views: 251  Category: Example    

WSDL Issues : Example 1 typo
In example 1 of WSDL 1.1 (2001-03-15) the binding reference from the port does not resolve because of a typo. The binding name should be:

Type: WSDL  #Views: 176  Category: Example    

WSDL Essentials
One of the best aspects of WSDL is that you rarely have to create WSDL files from scratch. A whole host of tools currently exists for transforming existing services into WSDL descriptions. You can then choose to use these WSDL files as is or manually tweak them with your favorite text editor. In the discussion that follows, we explore the WSDL generation tool provided by GLUE.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 222  Category: Example    

WSDL Essentials
Our initial discussion of WSDL invocation tools focused on programming and command-line invocation tools. We now move on to even simpler tools that are entirely driven by a web-based interface.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 183  Category: Example    

A Web Service Example: HelloServiceEJB
HelloServiceEJB is a stateless session bean that implements a single method, sayHello. This method matches the sayHello method invoked by the clients described in Creating Web Service Clients with JAX-RPC. Later in this section, you'll test the HelloServiceEJB by running one of these JAX-RPC clients.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 210  Category: Example    

Mozilla's XML Extras and SOAP
Mozilla has built functions called XML Extras that allow the use of XML as data in both JavaScript and C++. Such functions are an XML Serializer, XMLHttpRequest, XML Parser, SOAP-based RPC, and XML Persistence. You can find more information about these functions, along with examples, at

Type: WSDL  #Views: 284  Category: Example    

Kevin Altis' Weblog
Mark Pilgrim's article about web services in Python contains one important bit that is often overlooked by people implementing web services with XML-RPC, the listMethods extension. The Python XML-RPC ServerProxy Objects documentation explains each method: listMethods(), methodSignature(), and methodHelp().

Type: WSDL  #Views: 195  Category: Example    

Complex Types
The wsdl2java utility automatically generates Java data structures for complex types in a WSDL file, with full support for inheritance. Each data structure contains a set of public fields and implements To generate public accessors and private fields, use the -g option. When you invoke the web service, the Glue runtime automatically maps the Java to/from XML. The rules for how Glue does this are described in the Java/XML Mapping section.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 318  Category: Example    

Using Servlets and JSPs
Glue supports most of servlets 2.3. The Glue servlet implementation is not complete yet, and is therefore not officially compatible with the specification. webMethods is in the process of licensing the servlet TCK from Sun in order to pass the compatibility tests. The current limitations of our servlet implementation are listed at the end of this section.

Type: WSDL  #Views: 449  Category: Example    

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