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xforms Examples
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Combining multiple vocabularies without tears
An important motivation for introducing namespaces to [Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0] is to combine markup from multiple vocabularies. However, [Namespaces in XML] provides unique names without addressing validation. Later, namespace-aware schema languages such as [RELAX NG] and [W3C XML Schema] have been developed. Schemas written in these languages can handle multi-namespace documents.

Type: XForms  #Views: 295  Category: Example    

XForms Essentials: XForms Building Blocks
Figure 2-5 shows the user interface that results from this portion of the XForms code, with the first line item highlighted.

Type: XForms  #Views: 373  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0
10 XForm examples.

Type: XForms  #Views: 670  Category: Example    

Complete Example Of An XForms User Interface
We conclude this chapter with a complete XForms example that uses nested repeating structures to create a dynamic task list. The resulting visual interface is shown in Figure 4.18.

Type: XForms  #Views: 570  Category: Example    

XForms Example
An HTML Form Example.Take a look at this HTML document containing an HTML form:

Type: XForms  #Views: 420  Category: Example    

Integrating agX library function calls with XFORMS
Integrating agX library function calls with XFORMS. Example code

Type: XForms  #Views: 183  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
XForm - multiple choice in selectcontrol and multiple choice in checkbox - example

Type: XForms  #Views: 333  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
XForm - list control - example

Type: XForms  #Views: 206  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
XForm - alert pop up - example

Type: XForms  #Views: 227  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
XForm - tooltip - example

Type: XForms  #Views: 188  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
XForm - slider - example

Type: XForms  #Views: 210  Category: Example    

XForms 1.0 - example
A Simple XForm example.

Type: XForms  #Views: 234  Category: Example    

XForms UBL Order
When the end-user fills the form below, an XML document is created with the form data. In this example, the XML document represents an order, as specified by the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) specification. You can view this document by clicking on the "View XForms Instance" button below.

Type: XForms  #Views: 249  Category: Example    

Complete XForms Examples
This section shows a complete XForm example.

Type: XForms  #Views: 379  Category: Example    

Hosted Wireless Client XHTML and XForms Samples
This section contains some XForms examples.

Type: XForms  #Views: 222  Category: Example    

XForms Examples
This area will contain XForms examples and serve as a learning resource for XForms enthusiasts. The complete XForms test suite used for conformance testing is also a good resource for smaller examples.

Type: XForms  #Views: 317  Category: Example    

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