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xml Examples
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Example of Java/XML Mapping
The following example shows the Java/XML mapping rules in action. The server publishes a MapTest service that echoes a variety of data types. The client uses wsdl2java to generate Java bindings for the MapTest service and then invokes each method in turn.

Type: XML  #Views: 997  Category: Example    

Manipulating the XML file
An example always get people moving in the right direction. Using the following simple XML file, let's retrieve and display a daily message using DHTML:

Type: XML  #Views: 376  Category: Example    

package examples.xml.jms
This example represents a simple workflow system. Client accepts user input to define a message that must be approved by AdminClient. The message is combined in the form of an XML document with the name of the user who sent the message and the current status of the message.

Type: XML  #Views: 290  Category: Example    

XML Examples
This release includes a number of examples showing XML and how it can be used:

Type: XML  #Views: 531  Category: Example    

Introduction to XML: Examples
This class extends the previous XML class by means of a practical example that introduces many of the tools that enable XML and XSL to create Web pages. Note that all examples work only in Internet Explorer 5 or above and will fail in Netscape (they have not yet been tested in Netscape 6).

Type: XML  #Views: 293  Category: Example Basic Training [Mar. 27, 2002]
In this month's column, we celebrate XML's fourth year (belatedly) by way of a deceptively simple question.

Type: XML  #Views: 212  Category: Example    

O'Reilly: Take My Advice: Don't Learn XML [Jul. 18, 2001]
The Definitive Guide provides basic information for helping
you get started with DocBook, including a quick introduction to XML/SGML etc.

Type: XML  #Views: 173  Category: Example    

Using Pooled Database Connections
There is no mechanism within Castor JDO to provide pooling of JDBC drivers. Rather, Castor JDO relies on the drivers or external driver wrappers to implement a pooling mechanism.

Type: XML  #Views: 185  Category: Example    

XML Accesssibility Guidelines... - slide "XAG 4: other examples"
XAG 4: other examples. W3C Specs are getting better at WCAG (4.1).

Type: XML  #Views: 156  Category: Example    

Protomatter Syslog Configuration Examples
By popular demand, here are examples of how to configure Syslog via XML files to do various things. Whenever you see text in double-qotes, like this: "true" you should leave the quotes off when entering the text in the config file. The quotes are there to offset the text from the rest of the paragraph.

Type: XML  #Views: 209  Category: Example    

Betwixt - Examples
This is a simple example to help those new to betwixt. It shows how a simple bean can be converted to xml and back again. A round trip, no less!

Type: XML  #Views: 484  Category: Example - XML and PHP. Part 1: Using the WDDX functions
I've had text lying around from when we were writing the book (1) last year, and the people at Wrox gave they OK for the information to be put as articles in, so here it is the first one of a series.

Type: XML  #Views: 180  Category: Example Perl XML Quickstart: Convenience Modules [Jun. 13, 2001]
In the interest of clarity, we will limit the scope of the examples to the common
tasks of creating XML document for other data sources, converting HTML to...

Type: XML  #Views: 200  Category: Example    

Namespaces in XML
Another problematic area comes from the use of "global" attributes, as illustrated
by this example, a fragment of an XML document which is to be displayed...

Type: XML  #Views: 150  Category: Example    

XML Accesssibility Guidelines... - slide "XAG 2: other examples"
XAG 2: other examples. VoiceXML - alternative for audio (2.1);

Type: XML  #Views: 142  Category: Example    

DevEdge Examples
DevEdge Examples contains sample code which you can to learn how to develop using
the newest technologies based upon the standards for HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript.

Type: XML  #Views: 405  Category: Example    

XML Accesssibility Guidelines... - slide "XAG 4: other examples"
XAG 4: other examples. W3C Specs are getting better at WCAG (4.1);

Type: XML  #Views: 138  Category: Example    

Namespace for XML Linking and Style examples
Namespace for XML Linking and Style examples. This namespace (
) is described in XML Linking and Style.

Type: XML  #Views: 154  Category: Example ComicsML: A Simple Markup Language for Comics [Apr. 18 ...
I have made a complete and very chatty example ComicsML document that attempts to illustrate a few interesting things about ComicsML. I want to excerpt some of it here for sake of discussion.

Type: XML  #Views: 227  Category: Example    

XML Accesssibility Guidelines... - slide "XAG 1: other examples"
XAG 1: other examples. SMIL test-attributes allow for multiple associations (1.1, 1.2)

Type: XML  #Views: 163  Category: Example    

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