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marc4j: MARC4J
Examples of SAX2 parsers are GNU JAXP, Xerces, Crimson and Piccolo.
Examples of JAXP compatible XSLT engines are Saxon and Xalan. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 112  Category: Example    

Resources has a tutorial introduction to XSLT with many examples and a funky multi-frame
interface that lets you try out examples. XSLT overview slides. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 95  Category: Example    

Lecture 10 - CSCI E-153, Web Devlepment Using XML, November 24 ...
Generating XSL-FO from XML and XSLT. usps.xml.
examples/usps.xml. ex4.xsl. examples/ex4.xsl. ex4.pdf. examples/ex4 ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 130  Category: Example    

Create multi-purpose Web content with XSLT
As more and more devices become Web enabled, it is crucial that your content be available in multiple forms, such as traditional Web pages, mobile phones or other small devices, or Web services.
Type: XSL  #Views: 103  Category: Example    

Introduction to XSLT - DotNet Zone -
Examples of transformations. Chapter 6 will then develop this
knowledge with some more complex examples of XSLT in action. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 128  Category: Example    

WDVL: Introduction to XSLT - Page 2
World examples of transformations. Chapter 6 will then develop this
knowledge with some more complex examples of XSLT in action. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 80  Category: Example    

Practical XML for the Web, Chapter 5: Introduction to XSLT
This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of "Practical XML for the Web", by glasshaus, (ISBN: 1904151086, copyright glasshaus 2002). It introduces XSLT, going through the basics of using it to transform XML on the client-side, by way of easy-to-follow tutorial examples (we have included the first three examples here).
Type: XSL  #Views: 95  Category: Example    

STX examples
XSLT examples from
Michael Kay's "What kind of language is XSLT?" implemented in STX. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 109  Category: Example    

Introduction to XSLT
XSLT is a transformation language for XML documents, it is expressed in the form of a stylesheet that can be applied to an XML document instance to produce an entirely new document.
Type: XSL  #Views: 98  Category: Example    

Zvon: XSL programmers
XPath tools yourself! XSLTracer [gloss] - step by step XSLT transformation
(dynamic examples) (Related: transformations, XML, XSLT).
Type: XSL  #Views: 91  Category: Example    

WDVL: XSLT, XPath and XSL Formatting Objects
Gallery of Stupid XSLT Tricks: Fun and Games with XSLT provides real examples
of XSLT transformations with detailed explanations of how they work. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 95  Category: Example    

Learn XSLT by example
Until I spent a weekend with Sal Mangano's book XSLT Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for XML and XSLT Developers (O'Reilly & Associates) my all-time favorite XSLT reference was Michael Kay's XSLT Programmer's Reference (Wrox, 2nd Edition).
Type: XSL  #Views: 197  Category: Example    

TELR Research/Learning Objects
XSLT Filters Examples: XSLT Stylesheets of the above abstract for
people of different academic disciplines. Learning Technologies ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 89  Category: Example    

Xlink Examples (only 'simple' type)
If you have browser which supports Xlink (Mozilla recommended), you can test real behaviour here. (There is still bug for 'show=embed').
Type: XSL  #Views: 118  Category: Example    

What is new in FileMaker Pro 6?
FileMaker XML Central. The FileMaker XSLT Library is a repository of
XML/XSLT examples that are available for download at no charge. ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 104  Category: Example    

XSLT I - Structured Document Interchange and Processing - Winter ...
Overview [1/25]
Homework Discussion [2/25]
Introduction To XSLT [3/25]

Type: XSL  #Views: 87  Category: Example - XML / XSL
[gloss] - step by step XSLT transformation (dynamic examples). ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 95  Category: Example    

Resin: XTP Templates
The first advantage of XTP is that it separates the JSP code from the page. The page design can just use a standard HTML/XML editor. More importantly, since it's easy to create tags, you can create tags meaningful for your specific application.
Type: XSL  #Views: 91  Category: Example New and Improved String Handling [Aug. 06, 2003]
In my June column last year, I discussed XSLT 1.0 techniques for comparing two strings for equality and doing the equivalent of a "search and replace" on your source document.
Type: XSL  #Views: 77  Category: Example    

Xoriant Institute - Intensive XSLT Programming
Extensible Style Language Transformation (XSLT) is the language used in XSL style sheets to transform XML documents into other XML documents. An XSL processor reads the XML document and follows the instructions in the XSL style sheet, then it outputs a new XML document or XML-document fragment.
Type: XSL  #Views: 102  Category: Example    

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